Kevin Garnett Guarantees Back-to-Back Championships

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There’s a difference between being insane and being crazy. Birdman is a posterboy for craziness. That became obvious during his interview with ESPN’s super-hot Colleen Dominguez. He refers to himself as “Chris” off the court and “Birdman” on it. But he doesn’t seem like he has some grand diabolical vision. He’s just a crazy dude.

Kevin Garnett, on the other hand, is insane.

He’s lucid. He thinks logically. There’s an explanation behind his on-court antics. That’s why we rationalize some of the wacked-out shit he does. But stop and think about it for a second. He barks at opposing point guards. He convinced an entire team that they should leap as high as humanly possible to block meaningless shots after a whistle blows.

But when he steps off the court and starts doing equally insane stuff, it registers as such. His perpetual mean-mug and chants of “Motherf*cker” on the sidelines during the playoffs made him seem like a marginally stable human being. And thanks to Celtics’ owner Wyc Grousbeck letting the cat out of the bag, KG seems like even more of a raving lunatic right now.

“I talked to [Garnett] and he guaranteed the championship in 2010 and in 2011,” Wyc Grousbeck said. “He was as fired up as he’s ever been.”

Your first reaction: What is wrong with this dude? His team looked lost at times against the freakin’ Bulls. Ray Allen is aging at hyper-speed, Paul Pierce isn’t inspiring too much confidence at the moment, and Boston’s big off-season move will be re-signing Big Baby. Even with KG back in the lineup, it’s really insane to guarantee that this lineup will win two rings in the next two years.

But if I’m a Celtics fan, this is the greatest thing in the universe – whatever altered, maniacal universe I would hypothetically live in. Guaranteeing back-to-back championships means that KG will have to ratchet the insanity up a notch on the court. I have no clue what else he could add to his repertoire, but I’m sure he’ll dream something up. And that will give Boston some sort of competitive advantage. Just as opponents were taken aback by Garnett’s antics over the last two years kind of like how a regular person retreats into his/her shell when there’s an insane person stumbling around a subway car, KG’s insanity could very well have opponents questioning whether it’s cool to be around him.

I guess that can’t hurt the Celtics in their pursuit of Garnett’s guarantee.

Source: Globe

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