Kobe Bryant “99.99% sure” he’s retiring with the L.A. Lakers

08.28.10 7 years ago 25 Comments

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike)

Derek Fisher was the fill-in host on Jim Rome’s ESPN talk show yesterday. (This is why guys want to play in places like L.A. and New York. Sure, the network could’ve flown in a personality like Mo Williams or Aaron Brooks, but Fisher is right down the street.) Among the studio guests for 1-on-1 interviews with Fish were Brandon Jennings and Kobe Bryant. While Jennings used the spot as ad space for his new Under Armour kicks, Kobe talked about championships and legacies … Kind of funny to see Fisher all suited and booted while Kobe was rocking shorts and a track jacket. Kobe said Doc Rivers‘ recent comment that Boston’s starting five hadn’t yet lost a series to L.A.’s starting five was “wrong” and “not accurate” because in the ’08 Finals, L.A. didn’t have Andrew Bynum and Trevor Ariza. Kobe said he’s happy for LeBron because LeBron seems happy with his decision. He took a joking jab at Sasha Vujacic for when he “dolled up his eyebrows and fixed his hair” before knocking down the Game Seven-winning free throws. And KB24 finally said he’s “definitely” not playing for another team, or “99.99 percent sure I’m finishing my career with the Los Angeles Lakers.” … Fisher is a well-spoken dude and everything, and he may have a future in TV, but this wasn’t really his format. He’s just too smooth. It wasn’t “Jim Rome is Burning,” more like “D-Fish is Slowly Simmering.” … Apparently it was Christmas in August at NBA headquarters, and they were handing out suspensions as stocking-stuffers. Tyreke Evans got one game for his Vin Diesel impersonation, Brandon Rush got five games for violating the League’s drug policy (his third strike), and Miami roster hopeful Kenny Hasbrouck got two games for a DWI. If this were the early 2000’s, Rush would be getting traded to Portland sometime in the next couple of weeks … Derrick Favors sat down for a Q&A with Dime this week. The No. 3 pick talked about what it’s going to take for the Nets to win more than 12 games, his new kicks and car, and his favorites to win Rookie of the Year …

James Harden and Eric Maynor

Did you see the pics from Eric Maynor‘s All-White Everything party the other night? Along with some members of the OKC Thunder, guests included DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson. Oh, to be young and rich and have so much time on your hands … This summer’s Team USA might be considered the “JV” version, but Ben Gordon still should think twice before talking reckless. “It would be amazing to play against the U.S. And to beat them,” BG said while committing to play for Great Britain in the 2012 Olympics. Either Kobe has already taken note and is biding his time until that matchup, or he’s just gonna drop a light 45 on the Pistons next time they meet to remind Gordon whose toes he’s stepping on … Team USA’s World Championship run begins today against Croatia, 12 p.m. EST on ESPN Classic. You may recognize Zoran Planinic (Nets), Roko Ukic (Raptors, Bucks) and Ante Tomic (’08 Jazz draft pick). Croatia is ranked 15th in the world by FIBA, and they could be tough, but we’re seeing a double-digit win for the Americans … We’re out like dolled eyebrows …

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