Kobe Bryant Anoints Skylar Diggins “Lady Mamba,” battles “Twitter Idiots”; David Stern Attacks Flopping … and Sean Elliott

04.19.13 4 years ago
skylar diggins

Meet the “Lady Mamba”

With all of the intense, disturbing real-world stuff that went down in Boston all day Friday, basketball games don’t seem so important any more, do they? But here we are. It’s Saturday, the first day of the NBA Playoffs, and after the last week, we probably all need a major dose of basketball played by the world’s greatest athletes to take our minds off of current events.

This is what the schedule looks like:

nba playoff schedule 1

NBA playoff schedule

NBA Playoffs schedule

nba playoffs schedule

Can you think of anything more entertaining than what we’re about to get with Nuggets/Warriors? It’s a shame that Danilo Gallinari is out; both teams at full strength would be wild…

Do you know who else is ready for the NBA Playoffs to start? Pat Riley:

pat riley

On the next page, David Stern attacks flopping … and Sean Elliott??

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