Kobe Leads A Wild Comeback; LeBron James Hits A Game-Winner

03.07.13 5 years ago 4 Comments
Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant (photo. Nike Basketball)

We fell asleep at some point in the third quarter, and when we woke to see the Lakers were back in it, we thought it was an entirely different game. In a way, it was. L.A. overcame a 25-point deficit in New Orleans last night to beat the Hornets, 108-102. They scored the game’s last 20 points, and held the hosts scoreless for the final 6:47. It felt more like a month. Yeah, they got a huge boost from the zebras on a terrible call on Eric Gordon with the score tied in the last minute. But it still took an alien-like performance from Kobe Bryant to get it done. The Mamba went for 42 points, seven boards and 12 dimes, and hit the go-ahead fadeaway in the last minute before getting a fast break dunk and unleashing the Kobe Sneer at every person in the building. Sandwiched in-between was a nasty block from Dwight Howard (20 points, 15 boards) on Robin Lopez … So L.A. is back to .500, and even got some help from the Mavs last night. They beat Houston, 112-108, as O.J. Mayo went for a career-high 12 dimes and two big jumpers to push the Mavs out in front after a James Harden (28 points, nine assists) triple gave the Rockets a lead with under four minutes to go … While Houston’s late-game offense basically involved giving it to Harden and letting him draw a foul, Thomas Robinson was all over the place on the other end. He had two unbelievable blocks: one was a downward kill of a weak Mayo layup while the other one looked like he’d donned the Ironman suit, hovering a solid two feet above the rim … In a 101-83 destruction of Chicago, San Antonio got 18 a piece from Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. About the only good thing the Bulls did all night came from Nate Robinson: he played in the Air Yeezy IIs … Has anyone fallen off further this year than Gerald Wallace? We were literally shocked to find out he’s averaging only 8.5 points a night, with a PER of 12.35. Then last night in Brooklyn’s 21-point blowout over the Bobcats, with the score tied at 34 in the second frame, he took off along the baseline against Jeff Adrien… and came up about a full arm length short of the rim. Right now, he’s the NBA version of 50 Cent … If the season had ended before last night, Boston (No. 7 seed) would’ve opened up in Indiana (No. 2). It wouldn’t be the prettiest series, but it would be fun to watch. You knew from the start this one was going down like that back alley fight in Anchorman, so we couldn’t have been the only ones surprised to see Roy Hibbert (12 boards, six blocks) come out and grab seven rebounds (plus eight points) before the first official timeout. He’s the key for this team. He’s always been the key. He’s the anchor for that defense, that defense that fell apart on the game’s final possession when they let the Celtics go backdoor, and Jeff Green finished with a layup to win it in the last second. Boston finished with a 11-0 run … The McDonald’s All American Games just announced that Julius Randle, basically Zach Randolph with hops, will be added to the 2013 roster after an injury nearly took the rest of his season. Randle is back to shutting down YouTube mixes, so come April 3 in Chicago, he’ll be ready … Keep reading to hear about LeBron doing something in Miami for the first time…

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