Kyrie Irving Thinks It’s Lame That Iman Shumpert Is Playing ‘Pokemon Go’

By: 09.16.16

Never too early(for yoga) lol @imanshumpert

A video posted by Kyrie Irving (@kyrieirving) on

Kyrie Irving and Iman Shumpert are both preparing to help the Cleveland Cavaliers try and repeat as NBA champions. Part of that process is making sure you stay healthy and keep your body in peak condition. Even though Irving and Shumpert were in Miami Beach recently, they still had plans to do some yoga. The only issue? Shumpert was too busy playing Pokemon Go.

This Instagram video from Irving catalogs his frustrations with Shumpert playing Pokemon at seven in the morning. This is, in Irving’s mind, way too early in the morning to be trying to catch Pokemon. However, he doesn’t seem too into Pokemon in general, considering that Shump has to correct his pronunciation of the former and current phenomenon.

We do get to see Shumpert in action trying to catch a Pokemon, though. In particular, he tries to catch something called a “Staryu,” which Shumpert categorizes as being pretty weak. Nevertheless, he seems to fail to catch it with his Pokeball. Somebody who actually knows about Pokemon could probably tell you, and that definitely isn’t Irving.

Overall, it’s a pretty funny video. Hopefully Shumpert was able to stop trying to catch Pokemon long enough to get his yoga in. Catching Pokemon probably won’t help the Cavs repeat as champs, unless Steph Curry has secretly been masquerading as a human being all along.

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