Lake Show: Everybody is trying to mimic the champs

09.16.10 7 years ago 35 Comments

The NBA isn’t as much of a copycat league as the NFL, but teams that want to contend for championships still have to adapt to whatever the current ring-bearers are doing. Case in point: Every good team is looking to add size, toughness, and six to 12 extra fouls in the frontcourt to deal with the Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom problem presented by the Lakers. (Same goes for the East. Check the Celtics and Heat scrambling to sign any guy who is near 7-feet tall with four limbs.) You saw it yesterday, when as soon as Erick Dampier hit the open market, the Rockets put in their bid. Last we heard, Damp has yet to accept the two-year, $4 million offer. Miami and Memphis are also interested … Getting Dampier would be especially crucial for the Rockets, who are basically trying to keep Yao Ming in a plastic bubble as much as possible while still giving him enough work to be effective in the playoffs … In case you didn’t know, there really is something called the Q Rating, and the latest stats say LeBron is much less popular than he was pre-Decision. (Approx. 41% less liked.) No surprise there. LeBron actually graded out as the sixth-most disliked sports figure behind Mike Vick, Tiger, T.O., Ochocinco and Kobe.Where exactly would Dick Vitale and Stu Scott fit on that list? … But seriously, let’s revisit the Q at this time next year. If LeBron has a championship and the Heat are racking up W’s, the same bandwagon fans who once upon a time hated Kobe will be back on LeBron’s bandwagon … Is there a name for the anti-bandwagon, like when everyone is saying you’re going to stink? Ask Mike Beasley and the T-Wolves, who might have more anti-bandwagoners his year than anybody in the NBA … The Hawks signed French forward Pape Sy. This only matters if somebody starts calling him “Big Pape Pump” … Meanwhile, plenty of guys with names you do recognize are searching for jobs. Adam Morrison, Rashad McCants, Trenton Hassell and Cuttino Mobley have been working out for the Celtics, and then there’s Antoine Walker trying to get on with the Bobcats. Is Morrison the only two-time NBA champion who still gets stopped by security when he tries to get into an NBA facility? … We’re only a few years in, but when it’s all said and done, how do you think we’ll look at the Morrison-over-Brandon Roy draft decision for Charlotte? … We’re out like A-Mo …

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