Is LaMarcus Aldridge Worth the #1 Pick?

05.22.08 10 years ago 38 Comments

Though reports have John Paxson supposedly set in stone taking Michael Beasley first overall, he has also said that he’s open to hearing trade proposals for the Bulls’ top selection. With that proclamation, the rumors started flooding in to ESPN’s Chad Ford. The first one? The Blazers were willing to ship LaMarcus Aldridge to the Bulls for the chance to nab Derrick Rose.

Ford’s source in Portland denied that they made an offer, but even so this still remains an interesting possibility – if Portland included more than just Aldridge. There’s no way that Chicago even considers a deal unless it’s significantly sweetened.

“Still, the deal would’ve been interesting,” writes Ford. “Aldridge would be a good fit on the Bulls. But the irony of the whole thing would be thick. The Bulls traded the draft rights to Aldridge to the Blazers for the draft rights of Tyrus Thomas. Trading back for Aldridge would be tantamount to admitting they made the wrong choice two years ago.”

But on Chicago’s side of the deal, would they pull the trigger on a deal to land Aldridge if they had to give up the top pick?

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