Lawrence Frank Is About To Get Fired

01.21.09 9 years ago
Lawrence FrankLawrence Frank

If you had to ask me, the easiest ways to get yourself fired in this League is to a) lose a lot of games, or b) sit your stars. After Saturday’s 105-85 loss to the Celtics, coach Lawrence Frank is currently doing both.

“What I did had nothing to do with setting it up for [the future],” Frank said. “The decision I made was what I felt was right at the time. [I was] not trying to set it up for the next game.”

Regardless of his intentions, Frank runs the risk of losing the respect of Devin Harris and Vince Carter, his lone stars on a 19-22 Nets team that has lost three straight and are a dismal 10-15 since the beginning of December. Without them, the team is not better than an ABA squad.

With the playoffs within reach in the East, I would not be surprised if a coaching change is on the horizon. Trading for Larry Hughes isn’t going to do anything, so you’re next best bet is to fire Frank and let former Orlando Magic coach Brian Hill takeover.

If you’re the Nets’ GM, would you fire Lawrence Frank?

Source: New York Post

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