LeBron Haters Come Together To “Defeat. Pure. Evil.”

06.02.11 7 years ago 14 Comments
Cavs For Mavs logo

Cavs For Mavs (photo. Brett Nehls)

Do you still hate LeBron? Chances are if you live in Cleveland then you probably do. As the playoffs have gone on, the former Cav King has taken the same dagger used in the Decision, and casually twisted it and turned it, digging deeper with each round. All the questions, answered. All the weaknesses he had in Cleveland, covered. Luckily for Cleveland fans and ‘Bron haters worldwide, there’s now a place to go.

After a fan (only identified as Cleveland Todd) launched a campaign called Cavs For Mavs and a Twitter account just before the Finals started to root for the Mavs against Miami, the bandwagon exploded. Yahoo! Sports writes:

He thought it’d be funny. He thought he’d use it as an outlet to make some harsh comments. He thought maybe his friends would see it.

Within hours he had 1,000 followers. A fan named Brett Nehls designed a logo. Another guy came up with a slogan: “Defeat. Pure. Evil.”

Within a day, Cleveland Todd was fielding media calls.

“It just sort of steamrolled,” he said, protecting his real name because, well, this is mostly a joke and, “I try to compartmentalize my online identity.”

Crazy, the impact that social media has. Even crazier is this whole storyline: LeBron grows up in Akron, gets drafted to the home city, turns the entire franchise around, can’t finish the job, ends up leaving for greener pastures and in his very first year looks like he’s about to win the title his old franchise never could.

Just as Cleveland hates LeBron, others come right back at them and tell them to get over it. I have family in Cleveland. It’s not that easy. But, the whole scenario does provide great entertainment.

And the Cavs For Mavs campaign is at the center of that.

What do you think?

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