LeBron James dominates ex-team, eviscerates ex-fans in Cleveland

12.03.10 7 years ago 60 Comments

Whoever has the job of producing We’re Not So Bad: The Story of the 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers has some tough editing decisions following last night’s loss to the Miami Heat. This was clearly the Cavs’ defining game of the year, and barring a surprise playoff appearance, the one night when they would have millions of eyes on them. But not only did the Cavs lose, they lost big, and they let the plot’s villain — former local hero turned pariah LeBron James — rampage all over their home court and leave them unconscious and twitching in his wake. When recounting the Cavs’ story, do you just act like this never happened, or stomach the carnage? … LeBron posted 38 points, 5 rebounds and 8 assists, committing zero turnovers as his new team destroyed his old team in a 30-piecing. Oh, and did we mention LeBron did all of that in just three quarters? He sat out the entire fourth while the garbage-time crew (including Erick Dampier) did mop-up duty … While he never got the vicious monster dunk he was probably secretly craving, LBJ did just about everything else. He glided coast-to-coast for barely-contested lefty layups. He sized up former teammates before sticking turnaround and pull-up jumpers in their eyes. He hit one fallaway J from an impossible baseline angle that even LeBron couldn’t help but laugh about (right in front of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s seat). He caught one alley-oop, absorbed a push in mid-air, and still banked in a shot with the foul. When he wasn’t scoring, he was hitting Chris Bosh for mid-range jumpers or finding cutters like Dwyane Wade (22 pts, 9 rebs, 9 asts, 3 stls) going to the rim. All in all, LeBron saved his best performance for the biggest stage of the season (so far). Now he and the Heat can get back to the business of developing a chemistry to keep up with the other title contenders … So how were the fans? They booed, made some funny/cruel signs, and there were a few middle fingers. But nothing too terrible, at least from what we could hear. In the post-game press conference, LeBron said that Cavs fans were never on the Terminator list he made in the offseason of people taking shots at him on which he vowed revenge …

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