Watch This Foolish Fan Get Busted Taunting LeBron James As A Crybaby

12.25.15 2 years ago 27 Comments

During Friday’s Christmas Day rematch of last season’s NBA Finals, a Golden State fan was captured by ABC cameras mocking LeBron James during their telecast. Except, lacking any semblance of tact, LeBron was right next to her and could see the whole thing.

She quickly realizes she’s been spotted and appears startled by the thought the subject of her droll pantomiming of a crybaby — the troll’s version of jazz hands — is actually watching the whole thing go down in real time. That’s right Warriors fan, LeBron James is a real person, not just an emotionless series of pixelated images on your television screen.

The look on her face after LeBron turns back around to the court is more embarrassment at getting caught than any fan faux pas, which is really a shame.

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