LeBron James Praised Kyrie Irving For ‘Protecting’ Him Against The Sixers

04.01.17 8 months ago

Getty Image

Kyrie Irving had LeBron James‘ back on Friday night. During the opening quarter of Cleveland’s 122-105 victory over Philadelphia, Irving shoved Sixers forward Justin Anderson into his bench. It was an uncharacteristic move from Irving, who is a pretty cool customer on the court and isn’t the kind of guy who you’d expect to do something this blatantly against the rules.

But Irving’s shove was rooted in a desire to be a good teammate – before this happened, Anderson got a little too physical with James for Irving’s liking. Anderson shoved James, so Irving decided to send a message that you’re going to have to deal with him if you mess with LeBron. Here’s a video of the whole ordeal.

After the game, the best basketball player in the world spoke about the incident and was appreciative of Irving’s actions.

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