LeBron James x Beats by Dre “PowerBeats” Headphones

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LeBron James x Beats by Dre "PowerBeats" Headphones

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing the game’s biggest ballers rocking Beats by Dre headphones. And while we’ve known for a minute that LeBron James had something in the works for his own pair, we were left in the dark as to exactly what the two would collaborate on. Yesterday, we were shown the light. Introducing “PowerBeats.” You’ll like what you see.

PowerBeats, a groundbreaking new performance sports headphone, combine the unprecedented sound quality of Beats by Dre with innovative new technologies and design elements making them ideal for use by athletes and anyone else with an active lifestyle.

“Music has always been an important part of my life and a crucial element of my training regime,” says James. “It helps me achieve a higher level of focus that ultimately helps me win. I needed a headphone that would fit securely while working out, but it had to have the best sound quality. I know my friends and fellow professional athletes will love PowerBeats as much as I do.”

“We worked with LeBron to make sure these would be the ultimate headphones for athletes,” says Dr. Dre. “I’m always about the performance, the sound, and LeBron brought what he needed in terms of function to the table. I’ve been wearing the prototype for Powerbeats in the gym every day for the last few months so I can honestly say they’re the best headphones for working out.”

What’s amazing about PowerBeats is that they’re the world’s first headphone designed by a professional athlete. And you can see why. Among the new design elements is an adjustable/bendable ear hook with a flexible arm that runs around the outside of the ear to keep the headphones securely in place when you’re playing ball.

“Dre, Jimmy [Iovine] and LeBron challenged us to come up with a new type of listening solution for athletes and sports enthusiasts,” says Monster’s Noel Lee. “Because existing designs and technologies simply were not up to this task, we came up with several key innovations, like the audio-enhancing dual driver, the ported eartip enclosure and the traversable arm for super secure fit. The result is a new type of headphone that literally ‘gives as good as it gets’ – and one that will be welcomed by active music lovers everywhere.”

PowerBeats will be available in Best Buy stores in mid-October for $169.95 in a choice of black, red and white styles.

LeBron James x Beats by Dre "PowerBeats" Headphones

LeBron James x Beats by Dre "PowerBeats" Headphones

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