LeBron James Takes Early Morning Yoga Before Game 2

06.09.14 3 years ago

LeBron James

Like most athletes, LeBron James has a routine on game days and likes to stick to it. That’s why we were surprised to hear he strayed away from his regular tasks just 12 hours prior to Game 2 – the biggest and most pressure-filled contest of the season. That goes double for ‘Bron after CrampGate in Game 1.

He also added details as to who participated in this mysterious yoga class.

Strange? Maybe. But it seemed to work out just fine for the cramp-free James, who led Miami to the 98-96 win over the Spurs and finished with a game-high 35 points on 63.6 percent shooting to go along with 10 rebounds.

Maybe ‘Bron should start incorporating yoga into his daily routine?

Half a decade ago, before the titles, the multiple MVP awards, and the PR comeback after “The Decision,” LeBron practiced yoga with some kids as part of the NBA Cares program. Here’s what the world’s best basketball player looks like going through some poses:

(video via Miami Herald)

Should ‘Bron do Yoga before every game?

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