LeBron, Wade, Bosh dominate ATL; Boozer finally makes his mark

12.05.10 6 years ago 26 Comments
Chris Bosh (photo. David Alvarez)

Chris Bosh (photo. David Alvarez)

You ever spent hours working on a project, then within five minutes it became totally useless? That’s how it was for whoever on the Atlanta Hawks production staff spent their time making fake movie posters hyping the Hawks as “The Road Warriors” because they went into last night’s game in Miami with a 7-2 road record, best in the East. About five minutes into the first quarter, however, before they could even show the graphic, LeBron and D-Wade and Bosh led the Heat on a 14-2 run and built a lead Miami would never lose … This was the game we envisioned when the Heat trio first joined forces. LeBron (22 pts, 7 rebs) started off sticking pull-up jumpers in transition, and though he didn’t score in the second half until the last four minutes, finished by attacking the rim and catching one particularly nasty tomahawk dunk. Wade (26 pts, 10 rebs, 3 stls) scored in transition and made big defensive plays in crunch time. And Bosh (27 pts, 10 rebs) took anybody who wanted some into his low-post and high-post chambers, making Josh Smith and the ATL bigs bounce like the view from Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s treadmill … One time Mo Evans had a clear-path layup when LeBron caught him and yelled “Gimme that s***!” as he slapped it off the glass. LBJ was called for goal-tending … Mike Bibby got a technical when he drove to the rim and the refs missed him getting fouled. We don’t blame him. The guy goes to the rack for the first time in a month and he can’t get a call? Ridiculous … DJ Khaled, Timbaland and Birdman were all sitting courtside. (1) That would be a sick collaboration album, and (2) Khaled looked like the Kool-Aid man in his giant red shirt … Let’s forget those first two debacles and just call Bulls/Rockets Carlos Boozer‘s Chicago debut. In a head-to-head matchup with Luis Scola — a.k.a. the South American version of himself — Boozer put up 25 points and 9 boards and kept Chicago in striking distance late in the fourth quarter by cleaning up his teammates’ misses and getting to the free-throw line … With 10 seconds left, Houston was up three and needing a stop. The only true three-point shooter on the floor was Kyle Korver, but he was in the midst of a 1-for-7 night, so Derrick Rose (30 pts, 7 rebs, 11 asts, 5 stls) took it upon himself to drain a buzzer-beating trey in front of two defenders. In the extra frame, Rose won it for the Bulls by going back to his regular playbook of attacking the rim, and Brad Miller — who for some reason decided he was Reggie Miller on Saturday and took 9 threes — couldn’t hit a shot down the stretch … Leave it to Stacey King to ruin a perfectly good game by cackling, “Houston, we have a problem!” after the Rockets’ final play didn’t work. Way to break out the original material, Stace …

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(photo. Forth Worth Star-Telegram)

(photo. Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Mavs/Kings was a trap game. Dallas was coming off its big national TV win at Utah, and drew the Kings on the road on a back-to-back before they’d get two days off to prepare for a track meet against Golden State. With Tyreke Evans (25 pts, 5 rebs, 8 asts) showing no signs of plantar fasciitis while hitting shots from impossible angles and release points, Francisco Garcia tossing in some big threes, and DeMarcus Cousins (17 pts, 11 rebs) all over the glass, the Kings had a little bit of cushion in the fourth quarter, but Dallas kept hanging in there … Jason Terry (23 pts) tied it with a breakaway dunk, Tyson Chandler gave the Mavs the lead at the line with a minute to go, and then the defense stepped up to save the day again. Chandler and Dirk Nowitzki (25 pts) denied Carl Landry at the rim when he appeared to have a good look, and after J.J. Barea missed two free throws with 11 seconds left, Dallas needed one more stop. The Kings couldn’t get a passing lane to Tyreke, and when Landry tried to take it, Chandler cut off his drive and forced a terrible pass that Terry picked off … Other stat lines from Saturday: Kevin Love had 28 points and 19 rebounds as Minnesota destroyed Cleveland; Andrew Bogut went for 31 and 18 in Milwaukee’s win over the Dwight Howard-less Magic; and Jodie Meeks looked like he was on the verge of a Tony Delk kind of night, dropping 20 points and 6 threes in the first half of Sixers/Bobcats, but finished with “only” 26 points and 7 triples in the Philly win … Speaking of Tony Buckets, did you know he’s an assistant at Kentucky? The Wildcats were in Chapel Hill yesterday to face North Carolina in a freshmen-heavy game where the average age on the court was like 17 … UNC big man Tyler Zeller must have felt like Pau Gasol. He was the one guy for which UK didn’t have an answer, but on multiple possessions in crunch time his teammates ignored him when he had his man posted up calling for the ball. With under a minute to go, Roy Williams called timeout and lit into his guards, and as soon as they were back on the court, Zeller (27 pts, 11 rebs, 5 blks) got the rock and got himself to the line for the go-ahead free throws. UNC held on from there … Did you catch Cam Newton and Auburn dismantling South Carolina in the SEC title game? We’ve heard Newton compared to Magic Johnson on the football field, and yesterday it really made sense. More than just the physical dominance and the huge smile, Newton’s teammates love playing with him because he makes them look good even when he’s the one getting all the hype. Very Magic-esque. Honestly? Newton is so good, he should be getting paid … During halftime they had a contest where two college students — a guy and a girl — went head-to-head throwing footballs into respective targets on a giant Dr. Pepper can. At first you assumed the guy would win easily, but then the girl started throwing two-hand chest passes and took the prize, more than $120,000 to go towards tuition … We’re out like the Gamecocks …

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