Linsanity Reclaims New York City; OKC Proves They’re The Best Team In The West

By: 12.17.12
Jeremy Lin

If we needed any further proof that New Yorkers are crazed lunatics who are more up and down than Joe Flacco, we got it last night. In just a few short months, Jeremy Lin went from favorite son to Judas, from Linsanity to something quite average, and New Yorkers went from “Raymond Felton?” to “Raymond Felton!” Last year, Knicks fans would’ve have given you the business you had you spoken bad about Lin. Now, they’re reveling in his struggles, and booed him consistently last night after initially showing him some love during introductions. To Lin’s credit, he wasn’t bothered by the crowd – even when they got crazy after Tyson Chandler (18 rebounds) nearly broke him with a flagrant foul, and again when Lin had one of his jumpers get caught in what seemed like some post-Sandy winds – and spearheaded a 109-96 Houston win that wasn’t even that close. Lin had 22 points and eight assists, and James Harden also had a big night (28 points, 10 rebounds) while playing a huge role in a third quarter run that turned a five-point Rocket lead into a 20-point game faster than you can say “Pablo Prigioni.” If it wasn’t for J.R. Smith, who scored 16 points in his first 10 minutes on the floor just before a first half period where the Knicks scored just three times in a string of 18 possessions, this one would’ve gotten really ugly … So how much longer until New York starts to turn on Felton (7-for-18, 14 points), considering you know, the dude hasn’t passed up a shot in about a month and has rebuilt the Yellow Brick Road in the process … In the Clippers’ 12-point win in Detroit, Blake Griffin had the most eventful 15-point, 4-rebound game you can ever hope for. He was heavily involved in possibly the three best plays of the entire night of basketball. In the first quarter, he got out on the break and threw a perfect lob to DeAndre Jordan, who finished it in style. Then later, Griffin had another play where he rotated over and rudely smashed Kyle Singler‘s shot at the rim, gave him the Ice Cube stone cold staredown, then came sprinting down on the other end, caught a lob that was no higher than his belly button, and finished with a nasty dunk. Read that sentence again. Amazingly, he still wasn’t done. In the closing seconds, Griffin finished an off-the-glass lob by almost putting his whole arm through the rim, converting a dozen drunken courtside Detroit fans in the process … It wasn’t on the court, but Griffin also starred in what appeared to be a new NBA TV commercial from Game Fly that was only a little less weird than the one where the guy goes in to trade back a game, gets pissed off and completely destroys the store (you’ve seen that one, right?). At this point, we can’t tell if NBA TV is deliberately trolling everyone with these over-the-top silly commercials, but it certainly feels like it … For the Clippers, Chris Paul (14 points, seven assists) was also making highlights. He had Brandon Knight looking like he was playing Dance Dance Revolution on the perimeter … By the way, Will Bynum is getting into the holiday spirit in a big way. He’s donating $2,500 worth of toys to Detroit’s (CCSS) Cass Community Social Services Christmas Store to help homeless parents give their children something resembling a real Christmas. Detroit’s biggest lil’ man is also donating 175 toys to the Local Advisory Council of Chicago Housing Authority to give to underprivileged children of Chicago’s tough West Side, the area he grew up in. We know how much having that background fuels Bynum on the court – it’s cool to see he’s showing love back to the places that made him … Keep reading to hear about history being made in Syracuse last night …

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