Live Blogging From Radio City: The USA Basketball Showcase

08.12.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

We’re in! Let me tell you, NYC is poppin’ right now. All day around town, people have been talking about THIS. And not just because some guy named Jay-Z is performing. This is the start of something. Something big. You know, something you tell your kids about. Welcome to the World Basketball Festival.

As we said earlier, if you’re not in the house, you can go HERE to keep up with everything going down.

– Couple thoughts to get us started: Does Coach K know who Jay-Z is? Is David Stern in the building? Who’s going to sing the national anthem?
DJ Premier is on the 1s and 2s
– With a huge screen behind the stage, and two JumboTrons along the sides, they have this place lit up like the VMAs
– Talk about multitasking, while two drum lines came down the aisles, just got word that the Knicks signed Andy Rautins. Maybe Mike D’Antoni can comment after the showcase.

– This place is like Drumline mixed with Stomp The Yard mixed with Above The Rim
– There ever be a better song than Sugar Hill Gang‘s “Apache (Jump On It)”
Kevin Durant comes out first. Pretty sure this is better than the All-Star Game for some of these guys. (A place that some of them may never see…)
– Also, the place goes NUTS for Rajon Rondo. Can’t knock the hustle.
– Blue team: Durant, Derrick Rose, Rondo, Andre Iguodala, Jeff Green, Tyson Chandler and Stephen Curry
– Someone must have missed the memo that Tyson Chandler is no longer on the Bobcats… Wonder if he even knows…
– New York’s own Lamar Odom gets the biggest applause. Part NY love, part love of a champion. Knicks who?
– White team: Chauncey Billups, Rudy Gay, Danny Granger, JaVale McGee, Kevin Love, Odom and Eric Gordon
Anthony Anderson is co-hosting the gig tonight with Kevin Frazier. The guy is hilarious.
– Even though this event is All Nike Everything, you gotta give it up to USA Basketball for getting USAB colorways for adidas guys Billups and Gordon
– Don’t wanna make too much of it, but OF COURSE K-Love is getting stretched out at center court. If you’ve ever seen this guy play, you know why.
– Speaking of K-Love, I ran into his parents outside in line.

Cali Swag District‘s “Teach Me How To Dougie” comes on right before the national anthem. Where’s Big Baby when you need him?
– The starters are announced. Blue comes out with KD, D-Rose, Iggy, Chandler and Steph. White starts with Chanuncey, Westbrook, Granger, Rudy and L.O.
– DAAAAMM. Rudy Gay tries to throw one down on their first possesion, but Tyson Chandler pins him with two hands on the glass. Top 10 Nominee.
– The stars are in the house. Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire are all sitting to the left of the white bench. You know, in the Jack Nicholson seats.
– They LOVE ‘Melo here in New York. It’s as if everyone in here already owns an Anthony No. 15 jersey. Too bad it’s already retired for Earl Monroe.
– Also, you find LeBron in that same row. Other side in the Spike Lee seats? Looks like Fabolous.
– How much of a competitor is Kevin Durant? Guy’s arguing for calls in a scrimmage!
– And if you’re doing a game in NYC, you gotta have the voice of NYC. My man Mike “Wally” Walczewski (the voice of the Knicks) is on the mic.
– Dance contest during the timeout. Hopefully for those of you at home watching on NBA TV, you didn’t see it.
– As you can see, the place is packed!

– Upon further review, in the line D-Wade, CP, ‘Melo, Amar’e and LeBron, wedged between STAT and the King appears to be Romeo Travis (LBJ’s high school teammate and former Akron star). It definitely pays to have friends in high places…
– “WE WANT LEBRON” chants have started
– Wonder if all these New York fans know that LeBron didn’t sign with the Knicks…
– First half score? 19-18. Forget Coach K, let’s get Nellie coaching!
– Speaking of Coach K, if you’re a big-time prep recruit, this guy is just dripping with street cred now. Earlier today he told us that he was “very good friends” with Amar’e.
– Could you imagine if all basketball games were played this way? You know, like a play. Kind of crazy looking into the audience and seeing everyone kind of silent as they watch the game. Where’s the D-FENSE chant?
– Knicks fans are psyched when they bring out Amar’e. Unfortunately, he’s not wearing a yarmulke.
– Question: You think Kevin Frazier’s “lead them to the promised land” comment had any subtext to it? Answer: Yes.
– The crowd really just wants to see Andre Iguodala as CHIEF BLOCKA, and Kevin Durant as VELVET HOOP. And that’s what they’re getting.
– Steph knocks down back-to-back threes. ZERO chance he doesn’t make the squad this summer. Question is now, who gets cut?
– What happened to JaVale McGee? Are they just going to use him in practice? Bigs or no bigs, no way he makes this squad.
– I have a funny thing that most people think this is going to be halftime, but this is it. Tied 47-47 with 14.5 seconds left.
– Tonight’s MVP? So far has to go to Iggy. That’s a good thing for Sixers fans.
– Something nobody planned for: OVERTIME.
– When they said sudden death, the idea didn’t really fly with the crowd. Three minutes up on the clock.
– Finally, the fans get out of their seat and we’ve got ourselves a game!
– Tyson Chandler finishes things off with the alley-oop. Nice to see Chris Paul watching his boy.
– Final score: 49-47 and the Blue team wins.

That’s it for now folks. Signing off from the live blog, but we’ll have some special stuff for you in the morning, and of course Smack to look forward to.

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