Live @ NBA Draft ’09: Picks 21-25

06.25.09 8 years ago 39 Comments
BJ Mullens (Ohio State)

BJ Mullens (Ohio State)

BURTON: Again catering to the Knicks fans, ESPN interviews Larry Brown on the big screen so New York can shower him with boos. Brown talks about Gerald Henderson being a solid player “and he has good genes.” I always wondered if NBA teams actually considered that stuff — maybe they do. So maybe Jeff Jordan would have gotten drafted in 2011 after all.

The Hornets take Darren Collison 21st, who’s in the crowd and comes down to shake Stern’s hand. New Orleans needed some depth behind Chris Paul, and they got the most experienced PG on the board; not a bad pick at all even if Collison has some flaws and is small. Darren actually looks like Jrue Holiday’s smaller, older brother. Dave Chappelle as Rick James would have a field day with those two, that’s all I’m gonna say…

KATZ: Knicks fans are waiting for the other shoe to drop. The second most reliable source in the game today behind Kevin Love might be Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. He’s reporting that the Knicks are aggressively going after Ricky Rubio. It doesn’t specify who the Knicks would give up, but we’d imagine that Hill and Nate Robinson would both be involved. Maybe New York will even pick for Minnesota at No. 29. That way they’d be able to take two more points guards back-to-back for a second time tonight.

“One league GM said a deal ‘isn’t 100 percent,’ but likely,” wrote Wojnarowski.

BURTON: Shaq is interviewed over the phone. He starts off by offering condolences to the Jackson family, and I’d bet Shaq is the only active NBA player who’s actually ever met Michael Jackson. Shaq says he’d be willing to come off the bench, but nobody really believes that.

The Blazers took … some European dude 22nd … and the Kings took Omri Casspi 23rd. All I know about Casspi is that he can shoot, and his highlight video didn’t change that.

KATZ: The Garden went from being cheerful, chanting “JVG!” in unison, to angry, loud and drunk. For absolutely no reason, they just booed the daylights out of B.J. Mullens going to Dallas. That has absolutely no impact on anyone’s life. But it’s the thing to do at No. 24.

David Stern might as well have put three marbles in his mouth and tried to talk instead of announcing Rodrigue Beaubois.

The Mavericks, Thunder and Ric Bucher are all in kahootz. Though Dalls could have picked Beaubois, leaving Mullens for the Thunder, they did it in the opposite order and then traded their picks so that Bucher would have a reason to do another live-shot.

BURTON: Beaubois looks like he’s 14 years old. He makes Chris Quinn look like Clint Eastwood.

Mullens is a steal at 24 for Dallas. Yeah, he’s young and inexperienced, but a lot of that was Thad Matta really dicking him on PT this year, which I honestly think was Matta’s effort to keep Mullens in school for another year. Mullens has the size and skills to be a Lottery pick. Offensively, he’s everything Erick Dampier isn’t.

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