Mark Cuban Calls Kenyon Martin A ‘Thug’

05.11.09 9 years ago 30 Comments

Just as Mark Cuban started to storm on the court after Carmelo Anthony‘s game-winning three, he gave an innocent camera man a completely unnecessary one-handed shove (check 2:25 mark on video). And now he’s the one who is calling Kenyon Martin a ‘thug.’

Even though K-Mart was the guy who was trying to calm things down – he and Jerry Stackhouse looked like they came to an understanding at center court – Cuban insulted Martin, not to his face, but to his mom.

Cuban told the Denver newspaper by e-mail that as he walked off the court after the Mavericks’ Saturday night loss in Dallas, he saw Martin’s mother, Lydia Moore, as a fan was yelling that the Nuggets were “thugs.”

“That includes your son,” Cuban said to Moore, according to his e-mail to The Post.

Martin’s agent Brian Dyke said that Cuban was a bit more direct at Ms. Moore, saying “Your son is a punk.”

What did K-Mart do to deserve that? Dirk told the media that he didn’t think the foul which earned Martin a $25,000 fine earlier this series was ‘thuggish’ despite such accusations. (That was the second time that he’d been called that after Joe Maloof said so when Kenyon clipped Spencer Hawes going to the rack.) If Antoine Wright makes a greater overture in fouling Carmelo Anthony, would it have made Martin any less of a ‘thug’ or ‘punk’ in Cuban’s mind?

Dallas should have won the game. Blowing it at the last second had nothing to do with Martin. When Cuban pulls stunts like these, he’s the one who looks like a real punk.

Source: ESPN

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