Why The Phoenix Suns Should Continue To Ignore Markieff Morris’ Trade Request

08.31.15 2 years ago 16 Comments
Markieff Morris

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There’s no brotherly love in professional sports. The Morris brothers learned that lesson after the season when Marcus Morris was traded to open up room for Phoenix’s pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge. If they had been successful, Aldridge would be their starting power forward, and Markieff Morris would probably be playing elsewhere. But since San Antonio won the free agency fete for LMA, Kieff and Phoenix are stuck with each other, even though the more talented Morris twin has been loud about wanting out of town. Paul Coro mentions in a recent Arizona Republic piece that the Suns aren’t in any hurry to grant him that demand, while highlighting all the Suns — 10 in total, including Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight — who are in Phoenix to participate in voluntary workouts during the dog days of August. All this before training camps even begin.

There is no surprise that Markieff Morris is missing from that list, given his “Keef beef” with the franchise. His trade request fell on deaf ears.


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