Meet Dwyane Wade today in L.A.!

09.14.12 5 years ago

Dwyane Wade Mission event

Want to say what’s up to Dwyane Wade in person? if you’re in L.A., Dwyane will be at the Sports Authority in Hawthorne, Calif. at 4 P.M. PT (14555 Ocean Gate Ave, Hawthorne). Here’s how you can get up close:

Dwyane is making the appearance at Sports Authority to promote his new book, A Father First. The first 50 customers to buy Mission Court Grip (co-developed by Wade), will receive a free copy of the book. He will only be signing the book, and in general fans have to buy a copy of the book to get that signature. But if you get there early and cop Court Grip, you get a killer basketball product that will help your game immediately, the book and the autograph. Not a bad deal.

Let us know if make it out there today.

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