Meet Dwyane Wade today in L.A.!

By: 09.14.12

Dwyane Wade Mission event

Want to say what’s up to Dwyane Wade in person? if you’re in L.A., Dwyane will be at the Sports Authority in Hawthorne, Calif. at 4 P.M. PT (14555 Ocean Gate Ave, Hawthorne). Here’s how you can get up close:

Dwyane is making the appearance at Sports Authority to promote his new book, A Father First. The first 50 customers to buy Mission Court Grip (co-developed by Wade), will receive a free copy of the book. He will only be signing the book, and in general fans have to buy a copy of the book to get that signature. But if you get there early and cop Court Grip, you get a killer basketball product that will help your game immediately, the book and the autograph. Not a bad deal.

Let us know if make it out there today.

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