Merry Christmas from Dime and the NBA

12.25.11 5 years ago 3 Comments
Rasheed Wallace Pistons

Now that Christmas Day is here and all of your shopping and holiday partying is done, you have nothing left do but sit back and wait for the real gift of today – NBA games.

As you’re watching the clock tick down til tipoff, we have some holiday cheer to send your way, compliments of the NBA.

Here are some of our favorite videos of NBA squads singing Christmas carols throughout the years:

1. Memphis Grizzles
Synopsis: Zach Randolph, OJ Mayo, Mike Conley, Sam Young, Rudy Gay, Darrell Arthur and Hasheem Thabeet sing a Memphis Grizzlies version of the “12 Days of Christmas.”

As Christmas song renditions go, this is pretty horrible. “The 12 days of Christmas” is already a long song and making it into a long advertisement makes it quite bad.

Highlight: Hasheem Thabeet hating the whole production as he “sings” with his arms crossed.

Favorite Line: “And a five game holiday pack.” – Zach Randolph. Just seeing Zach smile makes this great.

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2. Golden State Warriors

Synopsis: Wearing holiday sweaters and other Christmas-related outfits, Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Rodney Carney, Lou Amundson, Reggie Williams, and Ekpe Udoh sing a not-in-rhythm version of “Jingle Bells.”

This Warrior team was pretty young and their youthful exuberance makes up for their horrible singing voices.

Highlight: Monta Ellis getting into the holiday spirit.

Favorite Line: “I really gotta sing?” – Reggie Williams

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3.Los Angeles Lakers

Synopsis: Two of the Lakers cheerleaders get in on the act as they join Pau Gasol, Theo Ratliff, Matt Barnes, Metta World Peace, Devin Ebanks and Derek Fisher in singing “Jingle Bells.”

Kobe either was too cool to sing or was so bad that the Lakers cut it out but he does wish fans happy holidays. The outtakes at the end of the clip are great.

Highlight: Metta World Peace’s haircut.

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4. Chicago Bulls

Synopsis: Jokaim Noah, Ronnie Brewer, Taj Gibson, Carlos Boozer, Derrick Rose, Kyle Korver, Keith Bogans, Luol Deng, James Johnson, Kurt Thomas, and Scottie Pippin put on Bulls Santa hats and sing the Chicago Bulls’ version of the “12 days of Christmas.”

The great thing about this version of “12 Days” is that Benny the Bull knows that the song drags on forever so he steps in and with a little bit of Christmas magic skips the song to the end. But the main reason this video is great is because Kurt Thomas is in it.

Highlight: Joakim Noah smile after singing is priceless.

Favorite Line: “5 golden rings” – Derrick Rose, perhaps foreshadowing the amount of championship rings he hopes to win.

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5. New Orleans Hornets

The Hornets really get into the holiday spirit as they have gotten their players to sing on multiple occasions.

The best of the haul is their rendition of “Jingle Bells.”

Synopsis: This song has three things that make it amazing:
1. Ryan Bowen sings the whole song by himself.
2. Morris Peterson beat boxes.
3. Tyson Chandler just dances the whole time.

Highlight: My piece of advice: Watch this video. Then watch it again, but this time just focus on Chandler. You can thank me in the comments.

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6. Houston Rockets

In recent years the Rockets have been one of the better teams to root for as they have always assembled a group of hard working players. Unfortunately this hard work ethic does not carry over to their singing.

Synopsis: The ’07-’08 Rockets – Chuck Hayes, Dikembe Mutombo, Shane Battier, Rafer Alston, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Aaron Brooks, Carl Landy, Mike James, Luis Scola, Bonzi Wells, and everyone’s favorite Rocket Steve Franics sing a joyous version of “Jingle Bell Rock.”

Highlight: Yao Ming “singing” and Carl Landry and Aaron Brooks making no pretense of memorization and reading off a script.

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