Miami Heat Championship iPhone 4 Cases Are Now Available

06.29.12 6 years ago
Miami Heat

During every NBA Finals or NCAA title game there are the fans, tense in their seats, ready to celebrate a championship. There’s also another contingent who might be ready to pounce even faster: the merchandisers, who have one hand on a mouse ready to click send on a new batch of championship gear as soon as the game’s decided. In the first weeks after a title you’re going to see a ton of product marketed for anyone who wants to show off that title, and thus we bring you the new iPhone 4 case celebrating Miami’s second NBA title.

The cases show four different scenes of Miami’s post-Game 5 party — though Chris Bosh drenching himself in champagne isn’t an option — and they’re going for $39.99 at or at If you’re more of a brick-and-mortar fan, they’ll be available soon at NBA City in Orlando and at select FANZZ stores.

I’m not sure what the market for these cases will be, with anyone who has a phone case probably already owning the one they’ll ever need. Then again, a phone is likely in your hand more than anything else every day, so if you’re that big a Heat fan, you’ll definitely let people know with this. I’m waiting for the ultimate title pack, however: Micky Arison‘s commemorative Carnival cruise.

Hit the jump to see two more cases being offered…

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