The Denim GOAT: A Retrospective On Michael Jordan’s Long-Lasting Love Affair With Bad Jeans

05.13.16 2 years ago 5 Comments
michael jordan jeans

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Michael Jordan is considered somewhat of a sports fashion icon thanks to his impact on the sneaker game with Air Jordans. He was also pretty okay at basketball.

But, despite his excellence in footwear, one thing His Airness is not particularly good at is shopping for jeans. This becomes quite evident when you scroll through photos of Jordan outside of a basketball uniform. Jordan owns lots of jeans, but most of them should be thrown in the garbage. He loves garbage jeans.

I imagine it becomes more difficult to shop for jeans (and clothes in general) when you’re 6’6, but there are lots of NBA players as tall (or taller) who manage to get by without looking like a total doofus. Somehow, Michael Jordan and his billion dollars have had no such luck.

I’m no fashionista myself, but it doesn’t take Anna Wintour to recognize that this is a bad look.

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