Michael Jordan Should Change the Name of the Charlotte Bobcats To …

03.02.10 8 years ago 68 Comments

As always, we asked and you delivered. We had more than 200 responses in the comments section of the contest post and sent to our Twitter feed suggesting new names for the Charlotte Bobcats now that The G.O.A.T. is running the show.

We received a ton of strong entries from our readers, some serious, some hilarious. They were so good, we decided to give out two awards – one for the best overall name, another for the entry that made us laugh the most. So here we go (complete with honorable mention honors)…

Funny Category, Honorable Mention

Charlotte LaserDonkeys (from jnuh)

Charlotte Juanitas (from Sho-Nuff)

Charlotte Shockers (from Freezy, complete with this added in:
“…who wouldn’t want to see MJ throwin up the shocker??”)

And the winner is…

The Charlotte LOLcats from Captain Awesome. Had us cracking up in the Dime office when we saw it posted.

Serious Category, Honorable Mention

Charlotte Knights (from Khalvin)

Charlotte Panthers (from Kharizmatic)

Charlotte Royals (from Poppi Gee)

Charlotte Speed (from The Journeyman)

And the winner is…

Many suggested it, most supported it, but the first to deliver the Charlotte Flight as an entry was reader Tyler Whitcomb.

Special shout out to reader Fraz and this follow up post: “Years ago when the franchise came to the city, the local paper had a poll for the new name of the team. Flight won overwhelmingly and the unis had a blue/silver theme. Next day, they announce the Bobcats with that lame orange and purple/teal. WTF?!?!”

We’re not sure of the legal ramifications, but from the Wright Brothers to MJ and his legacy, “Flight” just makes too much sense on too many levels.

Tyler and Captain Awesome, we’ll be hitting you with an email shortly for your info…

Did we miss you favorite entries? Let us know in the comments section below

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