Michael Jordan, Stephen Jackson coming to a reality TV near you

09.22.10 7 years ago 47 Comments

Forget “Real Training Camp” on NBA TV. Can we get the Charlotte Bobcats a reality show on Showtime? Stephen Jackson is worth the airtime alone, but then throw in Michael Jordan getting used to everything that comes with being The Boss, Shaun Livingston‘s (latest) comeback story, Tyrus Thomas‘ mood swings, Sherron Collins‘ out-loud Chitown personality getting rookie hazed, Boris Diaw‘s battle to stay below 320 pounds, the Kwame Brown/MJ dynamic, and Larry Brown‘s manic obsessive nature, and you’ve got potential greatness. Oh, and don’t forget Darius Miles and Antoine Walker trying to win jobs, and yesterday’s new development, Javaris Crittenton accepting an invite to Bobcats’ camp. Too bad Charlotte doesn’t play the Wizards in the preseason, otherwise the episode where Crittenton and Gilbert Arenas cross paths could be amazing … Carmelo Anthony might be headed for his own TV show, something along the lines of “The Decision,” but with new Denver GM Masai Ujiri announcing where he’s sending ‘Melo in the trade that now seems inevitable … Everybody had trade scenarios and rumors going yesterday. The Nets deal still sounds like the best, but that really depends on how much you like Derrick Favors. If you think Favors is the next Dwight Howard, it’s a no-brainer for the Nuggets. For those not so sure about Favors, you’re looking more at the Houston (Kevin Martin) or Chicago (Luol Deng) trades … Contrary to what you might believe, not many of us in the Dime crew are Knicks fans — but we do feel sorry for those NY’ers who have waited for years to turn their franchise around in 2010, and it’s still looking like it’s not gonna happen. Getting Amar’e was great, but as the team keeps missing out on guys like LeBron and Wade and Chris Paul and ‘Melo (new reports say the Knicks are out of the running because they don’t have anything Denver wants), they won’t be able to really contend for a ‘chip in this era of Big Threes. Maybe next year … Adam Morrison is headed to Wizards camp, where he’ll try to be what Mike Miller was supposed to be in D.C. Or at least A-Mo can be what Brian Scalabrine was for the Celtics. Which is more than what Morrison was for the Lakers … You know it’s a slow day (really, a slow month) when the most heated debate in the Dime office revolved around burgers. The big question yesterday: Who’s better, Five Guys or In-N-Out? And it should be noted that our West Coast reps fought for Red Robin … We’re out like Boris “Biggest Loser” Diaw …

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