Michigan St. Fans Trick Columbia Into Consecutive Shot Clock Violations

11.18.13 4 years ago

Michigan State Columbia

During Friday’s Michigan State Columbia almost-upset, where the Ivy Leaguers held a seven-point advantage in the second half, the Spartans crowd played a hand in their team’s avoidance of said upset. If you went to a state school and your Ivy League friends give you a hard time about this, make sure to forward them this highlight.

Clinging to a two-point lead with five minutes remaining on Friday, the Spartan cheering section bamboozled the Columbia players by counting down the shot clock a few seconds behind the actual shot clock. The Lions were whistled for two shot clock violations on consecutive possessions, and they never scored again as Michigan State won 62-53.

Pat yourselves on the back Michigan State fans. Not only did you help your No. 2 ranked Spartans avoid a stunning upset against an Ivy League school, but you’ve also rendered any possible intellectual snobbery from Columbia’s student-athletes moot.


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