Midnight Eats

02.15.08 10 years ago 5 Comments

After checking out the most absurd event of all-time, we got in some clutch post-midnight eats over at Harrah’s hotel courtesy of Converse. The buffet was spectacular; even the most serious consumers in the DIME family were satisfied with the robust display of eggs, pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, biscuits and fruit. But no one was eating fruit after putting down (more than) a couple of drinks at the Boost party earlier.

Dwyane Wade, fresh off dropping 30 on the Bulls that night, lounged on one of the sofas with his entourage while we ate our hearts out. But Wade wasn’t the only celeb. The man behind the Miami Heat’s turntables, DJ Irie, had a forkful of pancake when we asked how the buffet was treating him.

“I’ve been to All-Star for about seven years now since Philly,” says Irie. “Every city had their thing. But New Orleans took it to another level. We had fried chicken, and it was only feet away from the eggs. There’s also waffles. I shut the whole thing down.”

To top it all off, Converse supplied the eaters with a pop-a-shot basketball machine. Dime bragging rights were being traded by Burke and LeKeith, who had bests of 53 (in 30 seconds), until I broke the record with 55. I heard some guy earlier that night had scored a 91, but no one was able to visually confirm this. Maybe it was this guy.

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