Myck Kabongo: The Best Rapper In College Basketball

09.19.11 6 years ago 4 Comments
Myck Kabongo

Myck Kabongo (photo. Richard Orr Sports)

Myck Kabongo doesn’t have Yung Swag. He is Yung Swag. The freshman stepping into the helm at the point of the Texas’ attack this fall actually raps, and his stage name is Yung Swag. A cross between Drake and J. Cole? That’s how he describes himself. According to ESPN’s Jason Jordan, Kabongo messed around with the mic a lot as a kid but now has plans to actually get into the business, and plans to release an album when this season is over.

“Late Nights and Early Mornings” is a 15-track debut that figures to drop in the spring, and Kabongo is already claiming it will immediately make him the best rapper in college basketball.

“It won’t be for sale or anything,” Kabongo told ESPN. “Just for free. I haven’t worked out where people will be able to get it and all that, but I’ll make sure it’s available to everyone. It should be pretty tight.”

So you have to figure there will be some guest spots on the joint. Ironically, one of them is Kevin Durant. Yes that man. Kabongo says KD can really flow. We’ll have to see about that. Otherwise, Kabongo promises the album will be a mix of his experiences from both sides of the tracks: as a big-time basketball prospect now in college, and growing up in a tough environment in Canada.

While Kabongo is considered a future lottery pick – he’s a 6-1 PG from Canada who does just about everything you’d want from a lead guard – he’ll have to impress on two fronts to eventually make this list of the best rappers in the NBA.

But if he can back up his bold claims about his MC skills while also killing it on the court, who knows?

Will you check him out? Do you think he has skills?

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