Who Would Win This NBA Match-Up Of The All-Time 1990s Vs. 2000s Teams?

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07.29.15 27 Comments
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady

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Some arguments will never end. Star Wars vs. Star Trek. Marvel vs. DC. Triscuits vs. Wheat Thins. Team Pacey vs. Team Dawson (even though that one is pretty obvious – Pacey for life).

And even though we’re only only five years outside of the 2000s, it seems like comparing NBA players of the 1990s with NBA players from the 2000s is a discussion that’s going to go on in perpetuity until every hoophead is dead and/or shipped off to a planet in another solar system where they can debate Kobe vs. LeBron vs. MJ for so long that air becomes the one true currency, and everyone is so addicted to Spice they start an intergalactic war to tear down the imperial hegemony (or something).

That’s the thing when you jump into a discussion like this. There’s likely no correct answer in the first place, and even if there was, people have a tendency when backed into a corner to defend even the most insane notions. I once had an actual fistfight with my best friend over the Tracy McGrady vs. Steve Francis trade in my parents’ basement (for the record, I was right about that one).

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