NBA 2K12 Releases Full Legend Lineup

08.19.11 6 years ago 17 Comments
Michael Jordan

The hype for NBA 2K11 was insane last year. But they might’ve done the impossible this time, and topped it again. Not only will Michael Jordan be back, but so will some of his friends. All of the NBA legends in this game will be meticulously created with era-specific arenas, uniforms, accurate broadcast presentation (which means the old games will look, well, old) and signature shots.

The “NBA’s Greatest” legends include:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (’86-’87 Lakers vs. Celtics)
Larry Bird (’85-’86 Celtics vs Hawks)
Wilt Chamberlain (’71-’72 Lakers vs Knicks)
Julius Erving (’84-’85 76ers vs Bucks)
Patrick Ewing (’94-’95 Knicks vs Magic)
Magic Johnson (’90-’91 Lakers vs Blazers)
Michael Jordan (’92-’93 Bulls vs Hornets)
Karl Malone (’97-’98 Jazz vs Spurs)
Hakeem Olajuwon (’93-’94 Rockets vs Nuggets)
Scottie Pippen (’95-’96 Bulls vs Sonics)
Oscar Robertson (’70-’71 Bucks vs Lakers)
Bill Russell (’64-’65 Celtics vs Lakers)
John Stockton (’97-’98 Jazz vs. Lakers)
Isiah Thomas (’88-’89 Pistons vs. Bulls)
Jerry West
(’70-’71 Lakers vs Hawks)

With these guys included, it means many more classic teams will be in the game as well. And while 2K11 featured many generic bench players, this year promises to field full, authentic 10-12 man rosters. The teams you will find these legends on include

“Fans across the country were ecstatic to see Jordan, Bird, and Magic on the cover of NBA 2K12, and have speculated for weeks about who would fill out the rest of the ‘NBA’s Greatest’ roster,” said Jason Argent, vice president of marketing for 2K Sports, in a press release. “These 15 legendary athletes will allow sports fanatics to create the NBA’s most storied matchups – and lock in bragging rights for their favorite teams in NBA 2K12.”

As we mentioned in Smack, the 2002 Sacramento Kings will be included in the game as a bonus on launch orders only, as well as the 1991 Golden State Warriors.

2K is pulling out everything for this year’s game, in part because it needs to top last year, but also because of the lockout. Sales predictions aren’t looking good with the current CBA situation. That won’t deter hardcore basketball fans, but within the video game industry, people are bracing for a drop off this year.

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain (photo. 2K Sports)

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