NBA 2K14 Unveils Details For Next-Gen MyGM Mode

11.08.13 4 years ago
NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 (photo. 2K Sports)

Today, I was invited to an exclusive conference call about the new MyGM mode in the next-gen version of NBA 2K14 with senior producer Erick Boenisch and NBA great and former Phoenix Suns GM Steve Kerr. Let me tell you something: MyGM is going to be an experience that has NEVER been seen before in a video game, especially a sports game. The developers over at 2K have completely redesigned the old fashion notion of franchise mode.

MyGM starts off with your MyPlayer and that will be your GM. There are certain RPG elements in your GM, like being able to build attributes from your player over time. Character growth is a strong aspect of this mode. You can raise certain attributes of your GM to make him stronger in a certain category of the game, just like you can in an RPG. NBA 2K14 MyGM mode basically combines the best basketball franchise out there and adds amazing RPG elements that will give this game hours on hours of extensive and creative gameplay. Think franchise mode where you can oversee the entire organization, right down to the details of staffing, managing player expectations, game pricing, team facilities, and all of it taking place in real-time conversations that have ripple effects.

NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 (photo. 2K Sports)

What truly separates this game mode is the human experience. The heart of this game mode lies in the conversation mode. Every interaction you have in this game in the conversation mode will affect every single thing you do. Erick Boenisch gave us a great example that he used in MyGM mode. He was the GM of the Kings and was having trouble financially with the roster. He raised prices of parking, food prices and other things. The media picked up on this and questioned Erick why the prices are raising. He had to decide what to say, knowing that whatever he said could either have a positive or negative impact on his reputation. The media will trap you in questions and depending on what you say, could determine your fate as a GM. You can get fired in this mode, which is something that has never been seen before. If your team is losing, expect to get fired when the season is over.

Erick also described a situation when DeMarcus Cousins came into his GM office and they had a conversation about the long-term plans of the Kings and issues with the current roster. After this conversation, the team went on an extensive losing streak and DeMarcus Cousins reappeared in Erick’s office and demanded a trade. This sounds like something DeMarcus Cousins would do in real life, which is a key aspect of MyGM mode. Emotion plays a huge role; DeMarcus Cousins in real life is just how DeMarcus Cousins will act in NBA 2K14.

A huge thing that was pressed was that there is NO right or wrong answer. Every choice you make as a GM is based off of you and what you feel is the right call. Erick’s best advice about the game? Make interesting decisions. Steve Kerr detailed a time when he was GM of the Suns and he had to make a decision on how to tell Shaq that the Suns were trading him. Kerr had to decide to call Shaq before the news of the trade got out to the media. Kerr detailed this to us because he explained that decisions like these are exactly the ones you are going to have to make in MyGM in NBA 2K14. Kerr said that MyGM in 2K14 is the closest thing to being a real life NBA GM — how awesome is that?

MyGM in NBA 2K14 appears to be a ground-breaking feature that will change the infrastructure of franchise modes forever. You will take on a real NBA team and manage them just like Steve Kerr managed the Suns. Your decisions will impact your success. Make a couple bad decisions over the course of a season? You might get fired. Potentially, there has never been such an interactive mode in a basketball game before. MyGM is groundbreaking technology that is setting the bar for the future of basketball games.

Check page 2 for a full Q&A on the new mode with Kerr and Boenisch…

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