NBA Dimes: Stacey

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It’s got to be great to be a Hornets fan right now. Not only do they get the privilege of watching Chris Paul on a nightly basis, but they also get to ogle one of the most beautiful dance teams in the League. Meet Stacey, one of the Honeybees dancers from the Bayou. And when she says that the Hornets will win it all this year, we believe her. Then again, we’d probably believe anything she says.

Name: Stacey
Age: 24
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Years of Experience: I’ve been dancing since I was two years old. I cheered for the Saints for three years and this is my second year with the Hornets.
What’s your favorite type of dance?: Jazz
What’s your favorite type of music?: Anything upbeat; anything I can dance to.
When you’re on the court, what’s your favorite routine?: Last season we did a routine called “Whoa.” It was a New Orleans mix, really upbeat, and the crowd loved it. It was all New Orleans music.
What is it like behind the scenes of a calendar photo shoot?: Well, we don’t do a calendar right now. There are talks of doing a calendar, but it hasn’t been a go yet. We have had a photo shoot this year though. Basically it’s a long, but exciting day. Everyone has their hair and makeup done professionally. It’s a lot of fun. Each girl has their own time in the spotlight. All the attention is on you and you get to work the camera. It’s a lot of fun.
What’s your prediction for the team this year?: We’re going to go all the way. We did great last year, but this year everyone is hoping and counting on a breakthrough season and winning that championship.
Who is your favorite player on the team?: Tyson Chandler, because every time he gets out on the court he does something very exciting and he’s definitely one to get the crowd pumped up.

For more of Stacey, check out her gallery HERE.

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