NBA Fashion: What’s Really Hot In The Streets, Vol. 2

By: 10.05.12
From Jordan‘s sneakers to Iverson‘s tattoos, the NBA and its players have long had an influence that reaches far beyond the basketball court… and today, the league’s focus on fashion seems to be climbing to entirely new heights. With resources like Twitter and Instagram at their fingertips, many players are captivated by a perpetual quest to promote the latest trend. This obsession with social media, in conjunction with a mass hipster movement and David Stern‘s implementation of the dress code, has resulted in a fair bit of questionable dressing.

How many of the fishing lures from Russell Westbrook‘s shirt have actually caught on, though? You see, it’s ultimately up to you to decide… and for this reason we ask you, what’s really hot in the streets?

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Lance Stephenson

Lance Stephenson (photo. @stephensonlance)

WHO: Lance Stephenson
WHAT: American Fly T-Shirt/Unfastened Gucci Belt
WHERE: Instagram
WHEN: September 6
WHAT I THINK: Skulls and roses? At least they’re only on the sleeves. What I can’t figure out is why Lance Stephenson chooses to wear an unbuckled belt. That’s like wearing glasses with no lenses. Oh wait…
NBA Fashion - Whack

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce (photo. @paulpierce34)

WHO: Paul Pierce
WHAT: Air Force Ones
WHERE: Turkey
WHEN: October 2
WHAT I THINK: White on whites are classic, but this particular pair has reached “lawn mower” status. I suppose Pierce is traveling, probably just wants to be comfy in his beaters… but why not throw on a fresh pair for the photo op (a la Jeff Green and his crimson foams)?
NBA Fashion - Whack

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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Andray Blatche

Andray Blatche (photo. @drayday7)

WHO: Andray Blatche
WHAT: Rolls Royce Drophead
WHERE: Instagram
WHEN: September 22
WHAT I THINK: Just don’t drive it through Washington, Andray. No need to pour salt in that wound.
NBA Fashion - Fresh

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith (photo. @teamswish)

WHO: J.R. Smith
WHAT: Flat Cap
WHERE: Monmouth University football game
WHEN: September 22
WHAT I THINK: During the game, J.R. reportedly shook his fist at a Monmouth player and demanded that he get off his lawn.
NBA Fashion - Whack

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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Paul George

Paul George (photo. @King24George)

WHO: Paul George
WHAT: Air Jordan IV/adidas Pacers Polo/Nemo
WHERE: Pacers Foundation Event
WHEN: September 27
WHAT I THINK: Paul George wears one of the illest sneakers of all time to go fishing for a good cause? I can’t hate on that, even if he did hook the smallest fish in the pond.
NBA Fashion - Fresh

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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Ty Lawson

Ty Lawson (photo. @TyLawson3)

WHO: Ty Lawson
WHAT: Nike Foamposite/Gucci Backpack.
WHERE: Instagram
WHEN: September 22
WHAT I THINK: Everybody loves the foams, and I’m cool with the backpack… but seriously, if this dude takes three more steps, he’s gonna be leaving his pants behind. I’m not trying to say Ty Lawson’s gotta be all Urkel with it, but this is excessive sagging. Otherwise, it’s a nice fit.
NBA Fashion - Acceptable

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook (photo. Russell Westbrook)

WHO: Russell Westbrook
WHAT: Topman “Aztec” Shirt/Converse Chucks
WHERE: Instagram
WHEN: September 21
WHAT I THINK: It’s pretty clear that Russell Westbrook aims to be a fashion pioneer. This is why I think he ought to leave the “Aztec” shirt in the closet and break out some actual Aztec warrior garb. It’s the final fashion frontier, Russy, and the world is dependent on you to go there.
NBA Fashion - Whack

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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