NBA Fashion: What’s Really Hot In The Streets, Vol. 3

11.05.12 5 years ago
From Jordan‘s sneakers to Iverson‘s tattoos, the NBA and its players have long had an influence that reaches far beyond the basketball court… and today, the league’s focus on fashion seems to be climbing to entirely new heights. With resources like Twitter and Instagram at their fingertips, many players are captivated by a perpetual quest to promote the latest trend. This obsession with social media, in conjunction with a mass hipster movement and David Stern‘s implementation of the dress code, has resulted in a fair bit of questionable dressing.

How many of the fishing lures from Russell Westbrook‘s shirt have actually caught on, though? You see, it’s ultimately up to you to decide… and for this reason we ask you, what’s really hot in the streets?

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LeBron James

LeBron James (photo. @kingjames)

WHO: LeBron James
WHAT: Championship ring, personalized loafers
WHERE: Instagram
WHEN: October 31
WHAT I THINK: A lot of people say they’re winning. LeBron wears his championship ring with matching loafers.
NBA Fashion - Fresh

WHAT YOU THINK: Fresh/Acceptable/Whack/Suspect ???

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