NBA Rumor: Rajon Rondo Wants Rudy Gay on the Boston Celtics

01.11.13 5 years ago 12 Comments
Rudy Gay

Photo. Douglas Sonders

Allegedly, Rajon Rondo wants to see Rudy Gay in Boston Celtics green, and really, why wouldn’t he? It looks like Rudy is one of the most blatantly-available difference makers on the trade market.

If Gay is going be headed somewhere, it’s only natural that Rondo wants to know, “Why not Boston?”

This comes from a Yahoo!Sports column from Marc Spears posted last night:

While Rondo, according to Gay, is giving sound advice, the Boston Celtics guard can’t help being a little selfish.

“It’s hard to talk to [Rondo] because he is always saying, ‘We need you over here. We need you over here,’ ” Gay said. “So it’s not easy talking to him. But he’s being a friend, just telling me about keeping everything together and he makes you feel like you are still valuable.”

On paper, without talking about who the Celts would have to give up in a deal, Rudy Gay seems like he’d be a pretty great fit in Boston. His 17.8 points per game would be a welcome line of guaranteed perimeter offensive support to relieve some of what is being asked of Rondo and Paul Pierce‘s Old-Man-at-the-Y arsenal every single night.

Do you think Rudy Gay would be a good fit in Boston?

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