NBA Trade Rumor: Ben Gordon to Jazz

08.28.08 9 years ago 49 Comments
Ben GordonBG in Salt Lake?

So far, the Bulls idea of resigning Ben Gordon is asking him to come back to the team for the $6.4 million qualifying offer left on his deal. Though it sounds crazy, they might not even be able to afford that much.

With Luol Deng locked in for six-years, $70 mil. (roughly $11.6 mil per season), about $25 million left on Larry Hughes‘ deal, $35 million going into Kirk Hinrich‘s wallet over the next four years, and at least $28 million more going to Andres Nocioni, there’s a real possibility that there simply isn’t any room for Gordon on this roster.

So what can Chicago do? Here’s one possible situation. Sign-and-trade him to Utah. Though they already have quality outside shooting in Kyle Korver, Mehmet Okur, and Deron Williams, Gordon would fill the void that they are most clearly lacking to be an elite team in the ultra-competitive West: a top-level shooting guard.

“It certainly looks like Gordon will not play again in Chicago, but, in my opinion, several things would have to happen for the Jazz to acquire him. The Bulls and Gordon would have to agree to a contract and sign-and-trade arrangement. The Jazz would also have to decide he was worth a long-term investment. I don’t think Gordon or his agent would lose any leverage they have by agreeing to a one- or two-year deal just to get out of Chicago.

However, the finances of any Gordon swap would be particularly tough to handle for the already maxed-out Jazz. For these two teams to make anything work, they’d likely need to break even on dollars.

Certainly, Andrei Kirilenko is Utah’s most logical bargaining chip, and Chicago might be interested in him, although he plays a lot like Deng and Nocioni. It’s possible the Bulls might feel they were duplicating talent by adding Kirilenko.

Plus, the Bulls can’t really take on AK-47’s monstrous deal right now. Instead, for a suggestion not proposed by the Salt Lake Tribune, what about swapping some of Utah’s young talent in exchange for Gordon? Could some sort of package involving Ronnie Brewer, C.J. Miles, and a pick be enough to get the Bulls to ship off a guy that they can’t seem to fit in on their roster?

Utah’s time to win is right now. With Carlos Boozer possibly defecting for Miami or warmer weather when he becomes a free agent next season, should the Jazz try to add a player of Gordon’s stature to make a push in the West?

Source: Salt Lake Tribune

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