NBA Trade Rumor: The Thunder Will Try To Trade For Blake Griffin

05.21.09 8 years ago 31 Comments
Oklahoma's Blake Griffin

Oklahoma's Blake Griffin

Every Lottery team has to ask themselves the same question at some point before the draft: what would it take for us to get Blake Griffin? With his connections to the Oklahoma community, the Thunder obviously have some extra incentive to try to answer to that question. So how far are they willing to go to get him into an OKC uni?

There will be no shortage of competition, however, particularly from Oklahoma City, which has the third pick in the draft. The Thunder is expected to make a play for Griffin, using the third pick and one of their young core players (Jeff Green or Russell Westbrook) as bait for the top overall pick, which would allow them to keep Griffin in his hometown.

That would be a huge move in terms of local interest and, by extension, ticket sales.

So instead of running with a core of Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Green, and perhaps Arizona’s Jordan Hill at PF, the Thunder are willing to part with one of their three core guys to get BG. If I’m OKC’s GM, I’d offer up Jeff Green and the No. 3 pick – but I’m not sure that I’d be so quick to give up Westbrook. It’s not that Green isn’t a really solid player – he is. It’s that Westbrook could be really special if he continues to develop.

There have been some rumblings around the internet today about the Clippers not being totally sold on taking Griffin first. However, none of that includes a single quote from anyone in the Clippers organization. As we wrote in Smack, they’ve had their eyes on Griffin for too long now.

What do you think of this deal?

Source: Star Telegram

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