The NBA’s Ultimate Franchise Point Guard: Deron Williams

09.02.10 7 years ago 63 Comments

Deron Williams (photo. Christian Kozowyck)

Having a good point guard is a must when it comes to winning a championship. With coaches sometimes getting lost in translation during the course of a game, a good team needs someone to direct the show on the floor during the most difficult of times. Here at the office, we have been in heavy debate over over the past two days who the best point guard is to build a franchise around – right now. Many argue that lead guards like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Rajon Rondo are the best in the field for the position. However, Deron Williams is the ultimate franchise point guard.

When comparing Williams with Rose and Rondo, it seems he is not the level of athlete that the latter two guards are. However, he is more athletic than people give him credit for. He has dunked on Rose in the past, and when it comes to pushing the ball on the break, it is a tossup between the three as to who crosses the finish line first with the ball.

But the main factor that makes Williams a better pick than Rose and Rondo is his jump shot. The lack of a consistent jumper has hurt Rondo in the Finals as the Lakers just backed off and dared him to shoot. With Williams on the perimeter, you have to respect his jumper while still having to watch for his quick first step.

Often, one of the most forgotten attributes of a good point guard is intelligence. D-Will has spent his entire career studying under one of the greatest minds in the game in Jerry Sloan. And Sloan has had a close hand in William’s’ development. The fact that Williams has gained Sloan’s trust, proves that D-Will is battle-tested.

Picking Deron over CP3 is a tough call. When healthy, Chris Paul puts up eye-popping numbers and is an amazing individual stat machine. But what separates the two for me is wins. D-Will is a winner. He’s come out on top in so many more meaningful games in college and the pros that he is rarely rattled. The fact that he keeps his cool as the pressure rises give me the confidence to trust that he will lead my team to the promised land. For me, the ultimate franchise point guard is Deron Williams.

What do you think?

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