No. 1 Overall? Louisville Got Screwed

03.15.09 9 years ago 14 Comments

Rick Pitino

After Austin beat me to it this afternoon declaring that Louisville will win it all, I’m actually glad he did. Because after watching the brackets unfold, it seems Louisville winning is the last thing the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee wants to see happen.

Without seeing any of the other regions, once the Midwest bracket was announced, I texted my buddy four words: “Most stacked region ever.” It’s true. When CBS declared Louisville the No. 1 overall, I figured it would have been Easy Street all the way to the Final Four. But with Michigan State, Kansas and Wake Forest in the region, the only explanation is that Rick Pitino must have slept with committee chair Michael Slive‘s wife.

Just a few weeks ago, Wake was one of the scariest team in the country. Compare them to the other No. 4 seeds – Washington, Xavier and Gonzaga – and it’s not even close. Plus, Michigan State (Big Ten), Kansas (Big 12) and Wake Forest (ACC) are all from power conferences, something you cannot say about the other three regions.

And if that’s not enough evidence, this will be. In the final ESPN/USA Today Poll, the Spartans were No. 6, the Deamon Deacons were No. 9 and the Jayhawks were No. 11. Really? You think it’s fair to put four of the Top 11 teams in the country in the same bracket, let alone the bracket with the No. 1 overall team? I think not.

It’s not just the top four seeds though. Teams like West Virginia, USC and even Arizona are sleepers to do some damage. Unlike Austin though, who says Louisville reminds him of last year’s Memphis team, I see the Cardinals much more like last year’s Kansas squad. You know, the defending champs. But with a draw like this, it’s going to make Louisville’s run at the title much harder than I thought it would be earlier today.

What do you think? Is the Midwest region the most stacked of the bunch?

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