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Allen Iverson

If you’re purely interested in the best interest of Allen Iverson, you’re glad the Grizzlies had one of their business-as-usual losses against the Clippers last night. Having gone 0-3 since A.I. joined the lineup earlier in the week, for Memphis to win after Iverson had left the team for undisclosed personal reasons — even if it was against the Clips — would have brought up all the same criticisms of Iverson you saw in Detroit and at various points throughout his runs in Philly and Denver. Mainly, that A.I.’s team is better without him, and that certain young stars (i.e. O.J. Mayo in this case) are better off when he’s not in the picture … Instead, the Grizzlies did what they typically do with or without Iverson, putting up a lot of points while giving up even more. Chris Kaman (26 pts) and Craig Smith (18 pts) punished Memphis in the paint as the Clips dropped 113 points in the win, negating Rudy Gay‘s 33-point effort and Zach Randolph‘s 19 and 12 boards. Mayo continued to struggle, going 4-for-12 from the field. After what was displayed on this winless five-game trip, we can say this much: If the Grizzlies wanted to bring in a grizzled veteran whose game is undeniable even if is reputation is, and wanted that guy to really bring a culture change that would help this roster, maybe they should have looked at Bruce Bowen or Antonio McDyess … A lot has been going around about why A.I. left the squad. Some people say he and the team simply couldn’t see eye-to-eye on his role and that he’s never coming back as the Grizzlies explore trade options; others close to the situation insist it’s a serious family matter. We can tell you from our own sources that Iverson’s camp said he was dealing with a family crisis as far back as Thurday, he played through it on Friday against the Lakers, and finally asked the team for permission to leave on Saturday … All of a sudden, the Nuggets are looking very ordinary. After being held to just 88 points by Miami on Friday, Denver was blown out in Atlanta last night. Carmelo scored 30 points (15-18 FT) and Chauncey Billups added 27 and seven dimes in the loss, but the defense was the problem. The Hawks were getting wide-open jumpers and sticking them; even Josh Smith made the Nuggets pay for leaving him unguarded. Smith finished with 22 points, nine boards, seven assists and six blocks, including one of the highlights of the night when he chased down Birdman on a breakaway and slapped his dunk attempt off the backboard … And after a quiet first game with his new team, Jamal Crawford is putting up those Sixth Man of the Year-type numbers so many people predicted for him. He gave the Nuggets 25 points, his third game of 25-plus in the last four outings … Speaking of teams who have looked bad lately, the Wizards turned in a performance worthy of last year’s 19-win/non-Arenas version Friday night against the Pacers. According to Michael Lee of the Washington Post, Antawn Jamison went off after that game, cussing out everyone in sight and smashing a fruit and candy tray in the process … Either the Mavs are the best fourth-quarter team in the NBA, or the Jazz and Raptors just stink and have no heart when it turns to money-making time. Just like they — or mostly Dirk Nowitzki — did against Utah the other night, Dallas exploded in the fourth quarter on Toronto, dropping 44 points on their way to a blowout win. In Josh Howard‘s season debut he started at two-guard and posted 16 points and three steals, while Dirk scored 29 … As good as Chris Bosh is playing right now, every Toronto fan knows there’s a decent possibility he’s gone after this year. If that happens, how good do you think the Raptors can be with a core group of Andrea Bargnani, Hedo Turkoglu, Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan? Bargnani has been tearing it up, averaging 20.7 points on 51% shooting from deep. If he’s your best player, do you have a playoff team? … Some notable stat lines from Saturday: Andrew Bogut scored 22 points in Milwaukee’s win over the Knicks; John Salmons had 27 points, seven boards and six dimes and Joakim Noah posted 21 points, 16 boards and four blocks in a win over Charlotte; Tyreke Evans dropped 32 points (16-19 FT) in a win at Utah, while Deron Williams put up 29 and 15 assists; and Paul Pierce had 16 points and seven dimes while Rajon Rondo chipped in 16 and five steals in a win over the Nets, who got more bad news when they found out Chris Douglas-Roberts has swine flu and fielded a starting lineup about as deep as a YMCA squad. Forget LeBron‘s plans: Jay-Z might bounce on the Nets and align himself with the Knicks instead next summer … We’re out like The Answer …

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