Obama vs. Schwarzenegger in A Game of One-on-One?

11.01.08 9 years ago 21 Comments
The TerminatorCould the Terminator pull it out?

What would you do if you were taunted by the Terminator? Last night in Nevada, Arnold Schwarzenegger ridiculed Barack Obama at a McCain rally, calling him “scrawny” and saying the senator – and his ideas – need “pumping up.”

Backing up his boy like Ron Artest did with Yao Ming, Obama strategist David Axelrod shot back – challenging Mr. Universe to a game of hoops.

“I’ve looked at the [poll] numbers in California,” he said. “Seems like our ideas are doing a lot better than his. It’s not how thick your legs are, it’s the tone.

“Maybe when this is over we can get Gov. Schwarzenegger on the basketball court and see what he can do,” he said.

Already knowing that Obama can ball, who do you think would win?

Source: The Dallas Morning News

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