One of the Best Dunk Contests Ever

09.29.08 9 years ago 25 Comments

We were hyping this past weekend’s Spite Slam Dunk Showcase in Atlanta all last week as one of the greatest collection of dunkers ever assembled. The contest didn’t disappoint one bit.

We will have a full breakdown later on today, but here is some video evidence of the work done by the winner on Saturday, Minnesota’s T-Dub – an absolute freak of nature. The 5-9 T-Dubb took it to the next level with an absolutely filthy performance highlighted by one dunk where he took the ball from an assistant who was holding it above his head, and then put it through his legs to finish with a tomohawk. That was followed by a 540 and more. You can see them both in the video below that was captured on Saturday. Seriously unreal:

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