Pandora’s Box

11.30.07 10 years ago 53 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONQ let the dogs out. (Photo. Jordan Brand)

You think Quentin Richardson regrets talking reckless about the Celtics now? In Thursday’s New York Post, Q was quoted about their date with Boston last night: “We’re not in awe of them. They ain’t won no championships. They have a good record right now, but that don’t matter. Dallas showed that [last season].” He added, “They’re not that deep of a team. After those three, there’s a significant drop-off.” It doesn’t matter that Q’s statements were all true; why open your mouth and provide motivational material for an opponent who could be ripe for an upset (the loss to Cleveland and the near-loss to Charlotte) and when your own team is playing so well (wins over Utah and Chicago)? Of course Doc Rivers posted Q’s quote on the C’s chalkboard, and Kevin Garnett later admitted it got the team amped up to go out and open up a Pandora’s Box on the Knicks. It was ugly, like 300-style ugly (“Give them nothing! But take from them EVERYTHING!”), a clinic on both ends of the floor. In the second quarter, Boston was up 20. In the third it was 30. In the fourth it was 40, then the lead stretched to 50 (“Cuuuuurtis!”) with about seven minutes left. The final tally was 104-59, and the only thing that saved NY from its all-time lowest score in franchise history was a halfcourt bomb by Nate Robinson at the buzzer … Nate’s shot also made him the only Knick to hit double figures (11 pts), while Big Baby scored more (13 pts) than anyone in orange-and-blue. No one on the Celtics put up crazy individual numbers, but that’s mostly because KG, Pierce and Ray didn’t have to play much more than 25 minutes apiece … And even with the huge lead late in the ballgame, Boston’s bench was still playing inspired defense and not giving anything away. They had a little something to prove as well … TNT was going to show a clip from Isiah‘s post-game press conference, but all they got was a freeze-frame of Isiah’s defeated facial expression, which was just perfect for the moment. Said Barkley: “The problem with the Washington Generals is that the Harlem Globetrotters were just too good.” When they got the video working, Isiah said he thought his players all came into Boston looking to make their own mark on national TV rather than making a mark as a team … Gutsy move by George Karl to have Anthony Carter guarding Kobe last night, and it looked like it would work for a while. Denver went up by 17 in the first half and Kobe wasn’t killing, but then Mamba (24 pts, 7 asts) led a comeback and capped it with a runner at the halftime buzzer in K-Mart‘s eye two make it a two-point game … The Lakers took control in the second half and turned it into a rout; Kobe barely played (if at all) in the fourth quarter, chilling on the bench while Sasha Vujacic and Luke Walton put on The Bong Show. Carmelo got so frustrated that he throat-checked Vujacic and got himself ejected … Before everything fell apart, ‘Melo was busting Lamar Odom‘s ass. He wasn’t even really giving him any moves, just pulling jumpers in his face … And right before ‘Melo got ejected, J.R. Smith hit an amazing shot that won’t make any highlight reels because, 1) It didn’t count since J.R. had been fouled on the floor, and 2) ‘Melo laid his goon hand on Sasha on the very next possession. On the shot, J.R. went up on one side of the rim and almost did a 720 in the air before flipping it in over his shoulder on the other side … Note to announcers everywhere: It’s not a “no-look” pass when you look at the guy, make the pass while you’re still looking at him, then turn away real quick when the ball leaves your hands … Andrew Bynum had a sweet spin move through the lane for a dunk, prompting Kevin Harlan to say, “That’ll put a smile on Kareem‘s face.” Of course, every time the cameras showed Kareem, he had that same bored look he always has … Doug Collins: “The Magic have a chance at being a three-star team if Kirilenko keeps playing the way he has.” OK … And to wrap up a night of blowouts, the Warriors smoked the Rockets. What did we say yesterday about Yao constantly looking out of shape? A team like Golden State is a horrible matchup for him; on defense he couldn’t keep up with anyone, and the fatigue might have had an effect on his shooting, as he went 4-for-12 … It didn’t help Houston either that T-Mac was real quiet (11 pts), and the Warriors actually won the battle of the boards. Monta Ellis had more rebounds (10) than anyone on the Rockets …

IMAGE DESCRIPTIONRemember Bassy’s SI cover?

Steve Nash has a “Got Milk” ad coming out soon, joining ‘Melo, Vince, T-Mac, Jason Kidd, Avery Johnson, Josh Howard, Pau Gasol, KG and Pat Ewing on the list of NBA guys who’ve donned the fake milk mustache. You can check out the behind-the-scenes footage of Nash’s ad shoot here … We’re out like Carmelo …

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