Pass the Mic: Dime readers pick the NBA trade deadline winners & losers

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Some think KG's squad lost

Earlier today, Dime posted its NBA trade deadline winners and losers. But you all know your teams better than we do. So we asked our readers to rank their own winners and losers, with the best of them listed here:


The Cavs are way better now that they have Jamison instead of Amar’e. Here’s why: (1) Amar’e doesnt like Shaq. (2) Amar’e wants to be the unequivocal MAN on his team. That’s not happening with the Cleveland LeBrons. (3) He would just clog up the middle more and keep Bron jacking up threes. (4) Jamison is probably so happy to get the hell out of Washington that he’ll do whatever Mike Brown and LeBron ask of him. (5) Jamison is a perimeter oriented forward. He’ll just sit in the corner spotting up waiting for the kick-out from LBJ. Which is what the Cavs needed. Overall, while Amar’e may be the better player, Jamison is a way better fit for the Cavs. I’m way more scared of the Cavs with Jamison than with Amar’e. And have you seen Hickson ballin’ lately? You think Amar’e is getting up there to block a D-Wade dunk? Hell no.

Portland was a winner. Getting Marcus Camby for Steve Blake, who should have been our third PG, and Travis Outlaw, who would just have taken PT from future stars like Webster, Batum and Cunningham when he would have returned.
–Alexander Berg

For some reason I like the Knicks. They have a lot of cap space to sign 2 max players. I like the fact that they still have Wilson Chandler and Gallinari to develop this season and next. T-Mac is only an added bonus because if he does well he’ll probably re-sign for a veterans minimum to play for a championship (if the Knicks get 2 max players). If the Knicks aren’t able to land 2 big names then it’ll be a complete loss (meaning they’ll probably end up giving away huge amounts of money to a mediocre player for 5 years). Also, they’ll be without a pick in the draft for a couple of years.

I don’t consider Kevin Martin the reason the Rockets are winners. I think in looking long-term, those draft picks will probably be the best thing to come from this. Some truths: (1) Yao is likely to get hurt again, so you can’t really depend on him. Personally I would have traded dude. (2) Kevin Martin is good but while he will give you 20 to 25 a night, I still don’t see him as being that guy that can carry a squad. Hopefully he will be and time will tell, but let us not call him the new T-Mac yet. Possible fool’s gold. (3) Then too you must consider all that Houston lost. Landry was solid, consistent and the type of player all championship teams usually have somewhere on their squad. Dorsey possibly could have become a player in the DeJuan Blair type of fashion and we still don’t know what could have been with T-Mac. While Kevin can give you 20-25, we all know Mac was putting 30 up Durant-style before Durant came in. I mean he kinda had to many times, but still. I will say as a whole the Rockets are winners, but barely, and they are right on the edge of going to loser-ville. This Martin guy better be what people claim.

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The Celtics were pretty clearly a big loser. Nate Robinson’s nice and all (love that we didn’t give up a pick like had been rumored) and he’s an upgrade in talent, but we’re not winning anything this year and he’s probably gone in the summer. This was our last chance to upgrade the team with young talent for the future. When we’re limping to a 42-40 record and still paying KG $20M in 2012, this is the day we’ll look back on as how things could’ve been different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the guys on our team, but you HAVE TO move Ray when you can. K-Mart, Iggy, Monta, Rip/Tayshaun, Redd, and Hinrich/Salmons were all out there for the taking (I didn’t want half those guys, but whatever). Even if we were to let our entire team of expiring deals walk (6 before the deadline, something like $26M coming off the books,) we’d STILL be over the cap. I just pray we can keep Nate with the mid-level and guys are willing to come and play with KG, Ray, and Paul based on their names and haven’t actually seen us play this year. We just locked ourselves into a victory lap of 2nd round exits (or worse) the next 3 years and lots of AARP jokes. The trades were 100% worth it (of course they were, we got that chip in ’08), but when the chance comes to add something to the future nucleus that right now only contains a debatably-elite PG (Rondo) and a defensive anchor for the paint with the touch of Hellen Keller on acid (Perk), it’s clear we needed a shot in the arm. Here’s hoping we can use the mid-level to keep Nate and/or Marquis, ’cause Pierce will NEVER be traded regardless of the value of his expiring deal next year (face of the franchise since Larry Bird), and KG is on the hook for $20M+ for the next 3 years. Our best chance to upgrade for the future just came and went. I need a drink.
–Celts Fan

Ronnie Brewer. From being a starting two-guard on a top 4 West team (Utah) to being a bench player on a team that’ll barely make it to the postseason (Memphis).

Man, f*** the Sixers. I’m still pissed. And Iggy wasting his time on a mediocre team? GTFOH….Iggy was past his prime in ‘Dre Miller’s first season with the team. Now he thinks he’s something he’ll never be and Ed, Edd, & Eddy are smoking some strange drug watching this sorry excuse of a team that made it to the playoffs 2 years in a row play.
–Mike Honcho

Biggest loser? The fans of teams dumping all their players. Chicago has like 54 guards on the roster and no bigs. Who the hell will we roll out night after night to play with Rose? Paging Dwayne Jones of the Austin Toros. Dude is beastly now.

The Lakers really needed to address their PG situation. D-Fish is a bum now. I can’t believe he’s still starting. Can’t guard anyone and he throws up ridiculous shots with 20 left on the shot clock. The only move he has left is his patented “drive to the basket while flailing his arms hoping to get a foul.” Notice how NO ONE on the Lakers will say anything to him after he makes a bonehead play? I know he’s their supposed floor leader, but if he’s not going to play like one, then someone needs to check that fool.

Biggest loser: MIAMI. We need Amar’e or Chris Bosh in MIA this summer or D-Wade is gone, point blank period. … Keep playin’, Mr. Riley, and the only dude you’re gonna have re-upping in Miami is Rick Ross.

“(Cleveland got) that much closer to gaining LeBron’s trust that they’ll do right by him if he sticks around.”
No, they didn’t. They got a guy who’s old in NBA terms and LBJ wants more than just 1 chip. Jamison may help them now, but they aren’t beating Orlando or the Lakers in 7. If they wanted to show LBJ they were committed to him then they should have offered whatever it took to get Amar’e. Since they got Jamison and NY cleared all that cap space, The Cavs just bought his ticket out of town.
–Drink the Haterade

I think Miami was the biggest loser out of all of this. They were in a perfect position to improve the team and possibly keep Wade, but they did absolutely nothing. Wade should take it easy the rest of the way and just prepare for the offseason and possibly a new home in NYC. The Lake Show should have definitely went after Hinrich, because that would have given them a little consistency with their outside shooting and defense. I agree that Detroit dropped the ball, but maybe there’s a method to Dumars’ crack madness
–Mike Honcho

The Indiana Pacers have to be one of the biggest losers of the deadline, yet again. Failing to get either Murphy or Dunleavy’s horrible contracts off of the books in exchange for expiring contracts or young talent. Especially Murphy’s after the number of possibilities they could’ve gone with, anything would’ve been fine. Also, not getting T.J. Ford dealt is a failure, mainly because with Ford still in the rotation it could take away from the development of A.J. Price, who seems to have some potential to develop into a decent point guard in the future. So now we’re stuck with Murphy and Dunleavy until next offseason, each of them taking up about $11-12 million of cap space so we probably can’t even make a run at some of the guys who would normally be top free agents but will be overshadowed this offseason. And not to mention, Larry will probably end up taking another white dude with our lottery pick. All in all, failing to get any kind of deal done is ridiculous, and assures that next year, much like the past 5 will be another slow step in this so-called “rebuilding process,” which can’t even be called that since we’ve not done anything to change the team or get Danny Granger some superstar help that he desperately needs.

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