Philly Wins One Of The Ugliest Playoff Games Ever; Shaquille O’Neal Could Become A GM

05.23.12 6 years ago
Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday (photo. Nicky Woo)

Quick. Everyone start offering the NBA suggestions for what would be a better way than playing a Game 7 to decide this Boston/Philly series. A coin flip? A three-point shootout between Elton Brand and Ryan Hollins? A one-on-one game between Doc Rivers and Doug Collins? How about we just show it on tape delay like they used to do back in the day? We’re not sure anyone is looking forward to it, not even fans in the Northeast. But here we are. The Celtics laid an egg in Philly, losing once again, 82-75 in one of the ugliest games we’ve ever seen. Boston shot 33 percent for the game, and if it wasn’t for Paul Pierce (24 points, 10 rebounds) and Kevin Garnett (20 points, 11 rebounds), it would’ve been even worse. If it wasn’t for Jrue Holiday (20 points), we probably would’ve shut it off earlier. Philly won despite some disastrous runs in the first half, including one where they went over five minutes without a point, helping to finish the second quarter with 11 points. Any highlight reel from this one should be just one play: Andre Iguodala‘s facial and the foul on the Truth in the third quarter … Down the stretch with the Celtics still hanging around, Philly just started clearing everyone out and using Lou Williams, Holiday and Iguodala to break the Celtics down off the dribble. It worked. Doug Collins was stressing points in the paint before the game. At one point in the fourth quarter, we looked up the numbers… and Philly was winning the battle in the paint, 40-16. 40-16! … Boston still had a chance down six in the closing minute, and got Ray “Judas” Allen a great look at a triple. Too bad the former most clutch player in the NBA has lost all of his Special Jesus Stuff and couldn’t knock it down. Remember when Ray Allen was actually good, and wasn’t so beat up that he couldn’t even out-perform Lavoy Allen? Here’s a major reason why we’re headed for a Game 7: Ray has 51 points in this series while Lavoy has 49 … We’ll never understand Evan Turner‘s game. He had three or four incredible finishes last night, reverses, switching hands, wrapping the ball around a defender, he did it all. And yet he finished with only 12 points and nine boards. He’s like Blake Lively. Sometimes it seems he has it all, and is only one big break away from really doing things, and yet never quite puts it together … Still don’t think Rajon Rondo is one of the best players in the world? When he wasn’t engaged last night (nine points, six dimes) the Celtics were AWFUL offensively. He makes the Big Three go… not the other way around. He makes that whole team go, and when he’s out there playing like he just woke up, the Celtics have trouble with anyone outside of Charlotte … Keep reading to hear about which Philly legend showed up to inspire the Sixers …

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