Shaquille O’Neal Sworn In as Part-Time Florida Police Officer In A Case of Art Imitating Life

07.18.13 4 years ago
Shaq Grown Ups 2

Shaq on Grown Ups 2 Set (photo. Instagram/leeshajohn)

Former Miami Heat center, Shaquille O’Neal—all 7-feet 3?? pounds of him-was sworn in as a part-time police officer in the posh town of Golden Beach, Florida, reports the Miami Herald. In a case of art imitating life, he plays a police officer in Grown Ups 2 , the ensemble comedy that was released last weekend.

Despite four rings, one MVP award and countless nicknames, Shaq may best be remembered for some of his film roles, if you can call them that. There was Blue Chips with then-teammate Anfernee “Penny” Hardway, and a solid Nick Nolte performance as the coach. But then there was the abominable Kazaam and just as lackluster, Steel. Now he’s appearing in Grown Ups 2, which came out last weekend. That’s him on the set above with one of his gargantuan hands making a 12 oz. soda can look puny.

Yeah, in case you were wondering, Shaq’s pretty big. We’re guessing there will not be many denizens of Golden Beach who will resist arrest when they see the big fella stroll up on a call.

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Will Shaq actually be good in Grown Ups 2?

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