Pistons running out of time, running low on effort

04.03.09 9 years ago 15 Comments
Rodney Stuckey, Dime #47

Rodney Stuckey, Dime #47

Coming off Wednesday’s loss to the Nets — who’d already appeared to throw in the towel on the ’08-09 season — the Pistons are three games below .500 and just a half-game ahead of Chicago for the 7th seed in the East.

Between injuries to some key veterans, the latest Allen Iverson drama, and the fact that it’s April and the Pistons are still trying to find their identity, the problems are piling up for a team that was supposed to be competing for a championship. And now, Antonio McDyess is questioning Detroit’s effort going down the stretch. From the Detroit Free Press:

“It’s frustrating because each night you don’t know which team (is) going to show up,” McDyess said. “And tonight it wasn’t the Pistons team that you expect to show up against a team like Jersey.

“You expect us to come out here, when our backs already up against the wall, to beat a team like this and we lose by almost 20 points.

“I mean these last seven games? There’s no question what we got to do.”

The loss even had young players such as normally cocksure point guard Rodney Stuckey expressing doubt.

“We’re running out of time, what do we have? Seven games left?” he said. “So yeah, each game that we play is very crucial for us. Hopefully we can get something going.

“A lot of people are frustrated right now and I’m one of them. This has been really frustrating, but I just have to play through it.”

The article says that the Pistons for the first time are openly questioning whether they’ll even make the playoffs, but that’s been on their minds longer than that. During All-Star break I was talking with Stuckey about the Pistons’ underachieving ways. “You’re still in the playoff mix, though,” I told him. “People are talking about you guys like you’re a Lottery team.”

Stuckey responded: “I mean … We might be. There’s no guarantee we’re gonna make the playoffs. We just gotta keep playing hard and hopefully it’ll all work out.”

Source: Detroit Free Press

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