Rajon Rondo Is A Rising Superstar

05.08.09 8 years ago 9 Comments

Right now, Rajon Rondo could sponsor just about anything and it would make sense. Fast cars, fast trains, fast planes. Plus his Game Six performance against the Bulls (58 minutes, 19 assists, 0 turnovers) would make him a great choice for armored cars, insurance companies, and anyone who wants to promote efficiency.

But more than any other company out there, Red Bull and Rajon are a perfect match. Like the other athletes Rondo mentions who already signed on with the energy drink – Reggie Bush, Shaun White and Devin Hester – Rondo has had a moment in the sun in which he proved to be even better than anyone imagined. Think about each one of those other guys – everyone knew who they were, and thought they were pretty good. And then all of a sudden, each guy exploded to another level. Bush saved USC from defeat at the hands of Fresno State with a 294-yard, 2-TD performance to extend the Trojans to 11-0. Hester built a name for himself during his rookie season (2006), running back 3 punts for TD’s. But in ’07, with every team in the League knowing of his prowess, he went totally haywire, returning 4 punts and 2 kickoffs for TD’s for a total of 1,585 yards. And White went from being the dude that everyone knew as “The Flying Tomato” to winning like 14 gold medals at the X Games.

Rondo was really solid during the Celtics’ championship run last year. But this year he’s gone to a completely different level. Four days ago, we said that he’s been the eighth best player in the playoffs thus far. And since then, his rank has only gone up. He’s taken over Jason Kidd‘s title as the point guard most likely to record a triple-double in the entire League.

Who else has gone from being an above-average player to being a borderline elite player as quickly as Rondo?

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