Rajon Rondo Stamps A Triple-Double On Philly; Lakers Bring Out Secret Weapons For Game 7

By: 05.13.12
Rajon Rondo

As long as Rajon Rondo doesn’t have to shoot with the game on the line, he’s good money. We’ve constantly heard that the Celtics’ point guard is the John Nash – the genius – of the NBA. Maybe he just really is that smart. The dude fouls the Sixers up three, and then watches as Lou Williams botches it by making both instead of missing the second. Then, Doc draws up a spectacular play and Rondo runs into the backcourt all alone for a touchdown. Evan Turner couldn’t catch him for a foul, and that was that. Rondo bamboozled Philly’s whole team; Game 1 to Boston, 92-91. Rondo was just on a completely different level for his eighth career playoff triple-double (13 points, 12 rebounds, 17 assists, four steals). All you need to do is check out his second half line to know Rondo wasn’t about to let Boston lose; He had 11 points, nine dimes and eight boards in the second half alone. There was a huge stretch in the fourth where Rondo hit two jumpers, tipped out a couple of offensive rebounds, and then dropped off a scoop pass to KG for a three-point play. Now that he’s actually making jumpers every once in a while, all we need from him is to drop the Vince Carter complex down the stretch and not look like a 12-year-old about to get his first kiss whenever he has to shoot with the game on the line. The kid was balling so hard he even told David Aldridge off in the postgame interview. But it wasn’t only Rondo who was doing work … Kevin Garnett is now officially something out of the Alien Vs. Predator movie. He had 29 points and 11 rebounds, including nine points, four boards, one steal and one block on 4-for-5 shooting in the fourth, and was also getting into Spencer Hawes‘ head. Even that was so necessary in this one as Hawes (15 points, eight rebounds) was frolicking around out there like an all-grown up Bambi. … Amazingly, on the season, the Celtics were 1-22 in games where they fell behind by at least 13 points. Guess what? Philly led by 13 before a 10-2 spurt from Boston narrowed the gap at the end of the first 24 … Early on, someone in Boston forgot to tell all of the Celtic fans that this is the playoffs. The arena felt like everyone was watching a horror movie, and honestly, the way the Celtics started, you could’ve fooled us. Everyone knew this would be an ugly game, and an ugly series. But no one thought it’d be Uma Thurman for them. They were down 10 at the end of the first quarter with Philly dominating in paint points, second chance points and fast-break points. The most exciting play anyone in white made was a failed alley-oop attempt from Ryan Hollins where the string bean nearly turned himself into a YouTube sensation (and not in a good way) … Thaddeus Young hurt his ankle in the first half because he ran into a cameraman. As you know, these cameras guys have been sitting this close ever since Pat Ewing was drenching them with sweat. You’d think enough twisted ankles and enough instances of Dennis Rodman kneeing dudes in the balls would get Stern to act or find some way to make this thing more safe for the players. No, he’s too busy vetoing trades … Keep reading to hear who won Game 7 for the Lakers …

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